Who do you think is the cutest character in Demon Slayer? In my opinion, that should be Nezuko. And I know you have wondered ‘how old is Nezuko’ since the beginning of the anime.

Well, Nezuko was 12 years old when first appeared in the show. After the tragic death of her family and she turned into a demon, both Nezuko and Tanjiro appeared again after two years.

Is Nezuko Older Than Tanjiro?

No, she is not. In fact, she is younger than Tanjiro. Tanjiro and Nezuko were 15 and 14 years old respectively in chapter 1 and for the rest of the story of Demon Slayer. After the first appearance, they both faced the tragedy caused by the Demon King.

Since Tanjiro was the older sibling between his brothers and sisters, he was out of the house to earn the livelihood for his family. Thus he was saved when Muzan came to kill his family. In the next scenario, Tanjiro decided to train himself and avenge his family’s death.

Why Does Nezuko Kamado Have Bamboo In Her Mouth?

Even though Demon King Muzan killed all the family members of Tanjiro, he turned Nezuko into a Demon instead of killing her instantly. This can be because he wanted to keep tabs on Tanjiro, the remaining person on the planet who can be a threat to his life.

But because of Nezuko’s innocence and the love of her brother, she managed to keep her humanity still alive inside her mind. This situation forbade her to turn fully into a demon. But to cure her, Tanjiro kept collecting samples from the monsters he killed.

However, the medicine to cure Nezuko couldn’t be found easily. That is the reason behind her bamboo muzzle. Giyu Tomioko put that in her mouth. 

The demon inside her could make her suck blood from other living creatures. So, the bamboo muzzle helped her whenever she became violent again.

What Are Nezuko’s Powers?

Nezuko had hidden powers since his father used to practice Sun Breathing. And after turning into a demon she became more powerful. She helped Tanjiro multiple times while fighting and also became overly protective towards him.

Among her powers, Bakketsu or Blood Exploding is a magnificent one. Other than this, she could grow and shrink, had extreme strength and was able to regenerate if got injured.

Who Will Marry Nezuko Kamado?

According to the manga ending, Zenitsu and Nezuko will get married and live happily till the end. After going through so many battles together, Zenitsu and Nezuko deserve to be together.

Did Nezuko Eat a Human?

No, she was never found to eat or drink human flesh or blood. The main mechanism behind her wellbeing was to sleep.


Nezuko was the prettiest character in Demon Slayer. Even after the tragedy she faced, she tried to stand beside her brother and helped her to the very end. 

Losing her memory was a memorable emotional scene. Her kind and caring personality have given this dark fantasy a form of relief to the viewers.  

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