If you are an action game player, you might have heard the name Genshin Impact. It is a recently hyped online role-play game followed by a manga by the same name that belongs to the genre of Action- Adventure. And the most popular question people wonder while playing the game is- how old is Albedo Genshin Impact.

Although there are no official statements from the production house or in the manga, the fans and players estimated the age of Albedo by some lore and in-game story. Albedo is most probably 18 years old.

Who Is Albedo?

Albedo is a Geo gaming character in the online game Genshin Impact. He is also known as Kreideprinz, Captain of the investigation team, and so on. In the gaming world Teyvat, he observes everything around him and thus becomes very intellectual.

In the manga, his character profile is the same as well. He grows up with Klee as a brother and conducts research with the materials his ancestor left behind.

How Old is Albedo?

There are two sources to assume the age of our Chief Alchemist Albedo. In Genshin Impact’s story and manga, Rhinedottir (Albedo’s master) requested Alice to adopt Albedo when he was little. According to the timeframe, he was 18 years old when he first appeared in the game.

And we all know that the legal age to drink alcohol is 18. Since he is allowed to do that, he is definitely an adult who is aged 18 or above.

Who Is Albedo’s Constellation?

Albedo’s constellation is Princeps Cretaceous. It is also a Latin word that means ‘Chalk Prince’.

Albedo uses Sword as his weapon and his height is 5’4’’. This character stays in the area of Mondstadt. And his story grows as the game progresses and he completes missions and finds out mysteries.

Who Is His Assistant?

His assistant is called sucrose. He and his assistant work in the team of investigators of the knights of Favonious.

Can You Obtain Albedo In The Game?

Yes, you can. Albedo is a five-star character under the Secretum Secretorium banner. And the players of this game may have already known that you need to make a wish to obtain him through playing.


Now that you know how old is Albedo Genshin Impact, I know you are wondering that he has quite a number of special skills. Favonious Bladework that allows him to use his sword up to three different energy states and Elemental skills that allow him to control Geo crystals- gives him the opportunity to deal with AoE Geo DMG.

So, happy playing with Albedo and enjoying Genshin Impact. 

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