Do you know Demon Slayer Season 2 premiered in October, 2021? Start watching the brand new season as soon as possible because just like the previous one, this season will reveal some backstory as well. Such as how did Tanjiro get his scar.

The fans are hoping that the secret behind Tanjiro’s scar will be shown in the second season. From the manga, we know that he got that scar at first when he saved his little brother from fire and burned himself instead.

The Story behind Tanjiro’s Scar:

The scar on Tanjiro’s forehead was from the burn. To save his brother from the burning coals of a portable heater, Tanjiro was burnt and that left a nasty scar on his face.

Again, in season 1 episode 4, Tanjiro fought the hand demon. In that fight, the monster smashed Tanjiro’s head into a tree. That caused his burnt scar to bleed again. And after recovering, the scar was darker than before.

Tanjiro Scar

Changing Colors of Tanjiro’s Scar:

From the first appearance of the scar on his forehead, Tanjiro’s scar had changed color multiple times. Every time he threw himself in danger or won a battle against any monster, his scar’s color deepened. From light pink color to dark brown color, his scar color throughout the previous season.

Moreover, his scar had spread from one corner of his forehead to the middle. Since it is not normal for a scar to spread or change color, the fans of this series assumed that there might be any hidden meaning for the scars on Tanjiro’s head.

What Does The Scar Symbolize In Demon Slayer?

While half of the fan group thought that Tanjiro had just a mere scar, another part of the fan group had given it deeper thought. And the fans who had read manga before the anime adaptation, already know the reason. So, the theories kept circulating around the internet.

It is said that Tanjiro received this scar as his destiny of becoming a demon slayer. Furthermore, whenever he won a fight against any demon, his bravery, courage, power, and strength grew stronger every time. As a result, we saw the color-changing capability of the scar.

And if you compare Tanjiro to the other demon slayer, you will see that they all have the scar on their body. So, it is quite clear that the scar symbolizes the demon slayer’s identity.


Tanjiro’s journey of becoming the greatest demon slayer on earth actually began after his birth in the Kamado family. And practicing the Sun-breathing technique with his father might be another reason for the scar to appear or darken.

I hope you are enjoying the Second season of Demon Slayer. Wait a little longer to watch the reveal of ‘how did Tanjiro get his scar’ secret. And to know more about Tanjiro and Nezuko, keep reading our blogs.

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