Anyone who has encountered Saitama has witnessed the strength his punch holds. And the ultimate question arises- how did Saitama get his powers?

No matter who asked the question, his answer was always the nonchalant one, boring, nothing special, not related to magic, and not because of any psychic power.

Saitama’s version of the answer goes like this- he practiced 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km run. He claims that this regime helped him to get his enormous power.

Now, let me tell you some other theories about the secret behind his power.

Saitama’s Training Regimen:

After following the above-mentioned training schedule without any break, Saitama would eat only a banana in the morning and three meals per day. Even though the regimen may sound like a simple deal of physical exercise, it was an intense workout schedule for a normal human being.

Yet Saitama never stopped training since he had only one goal in his life to become a top-ranked hero in the Hero Association. And many times he became sad that his training and power came for the cost of his beautiful hair. But then again he is always happy to save anyone by smashing the monster with his iconic punch effortlessly.

What Is the Secret behind Saitama’s Power:

After training hard for one and a half years and fighting the monsters for another three years, Saitama found that he possessed an extreme amount of energy in his punches. He even broke the punching machine in the association. To everyone’s wonder, Saitama didn’t even realize when he achieved that sort of power in his body.

However, to find out the truth behind Saitama’s power, Dr. Genus observed him closely for many days. And later he concluded that Saitama had broken his Limiter. So, now he is the host of the unlimited power of the whole universe.

Now, the Limit theory is pretty reasonable to describe the secret behind our Baldy Hero’s power. Every creature on earth has a limited range of power to achieve. No matter how much they get trained or try, they will end up at their peak someday and never grow any more than that.

In the case of One Punch Man, he took his training regimen seriously and his willpower of becoming a hero was also stronger than any other hero. These facts helped him to reach his limiter and even break it.

Now that Saitama has no limiter, his powers are limitless. I know it is unbelievable, but it is simple and understandable.


Everyone believes that Saitama has gained such God-like power from any third-party entity that is not yet revealed yet. 

Well, ONE can only say what the real reason behind this enormous power is. But if you observe Saitama’s character closely, he always had the ‘Heroism’ in his blood even before he was a hero. Therefore, achieving all the power of the universe is not a hard task for him I guess.

You can always read more about Saitama in the manga and webcomic. And hope for Madhouse to come up with another season of OPM soon.

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