Want to remember your school life? Then, the drama series High School  Dxd can be a good way to go with. Yes, this series will let you remember your sweet memory of school life. And that’s why the passionate fans are waiting for  High School  Dxd Season 5.

The next season of this series has been delayed for several reasons.  But nothing to be disappointed. The sequel is going to come to light very soon.

Now, still, you are not convinced? Well, read the full article to know many unknown facts about High School  Dxd along with the release date of next season. 

How Many Seasons of High School Dxd?

The anime series High School Dxd has released a total of 4 seasons so far. The first three seasons have 12 episodes each, and the fourth season has 13 episodes. The last episode of the fourth season aired on July 3, 2018. 

  • Season 1- High School Dxd: January 6, 2012- March 23, 2012
  • Season 2- High School Dxd New: July 7, 2013- September 22, 2013
  • Season 3- High School Dxd Born: April 4, 2015- June 20, 2015
  • Season 4- High School Dxd Hero: April 10, 2018- July 3, 2018

Now, the question is, when will be season 5 released? Don’t worry! I am here to answer your question. 

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date: [Update: month20]

High School Dxd Season 5

High School Dxd has captured many anime lovers’ hearts because of its top-class animation, great characters, and storyline. Now, it became a trendy question, when will High School Dxd Season 5 be released? Well, the fans of High School dxd expected season 5 in 2020. Sadly, season 5 was quite impossible that year,

Well, the covid19 has paused the release of lots of popular anime, like One Punch Man season 3. But in the case of High School Dxd Season 5, there is another reason for this delay. The production of season 5 will start in a new studio, which is the major reason for this delay. 

So, when will be season 5? Yes, we have good news regarding the season 5 release!

It has been already confirmed by the production house that season 5 is going to be aired in October 2021. 

What Is Expected In Season 5?

Well, as a fan of High School Dxd, you may be very excited to know about season 5. In the last seasons, we have watched Issie and Rias’s relationship is becoming stronger with time. We are hoping this will get more strong in season 5. In season 5, we will also see the Hero Oppai Dragon Arc. 

Well, if you want to know more about season 5, you can read the manga series. However, I would not recommend that, as it can spoil the fun of season 5.  

What Happened In Season 4?

Well, the story of High School Dxd features a co-ed school named Kuoh Academy. However, the school has some secrets. The school is known as home to many demons and fallen angels. But not every one of the schools is aware of this secret. 

The main protagonist of the show, Issei Hyoudou is also one of them. He asked for a date with one of his classmates. But the girl turned out to be a fallen angel. And you can assume the result. Our hero got killed by her demon partner. 

However, our female protagonist of the show and pure-blooded devil Rias reborn him as the devil. From there, our male protagonist Issei’s journey starts to become the ‘Harem King.’ 

In the first half of season 4, Issei helps the fox girl, Kunou, to save her mother. However, the second half of the season shows lacking Issei’s ability to feel things. And it was much clearer when Rias expressed her feelings to Issei, and he responded in a very dull way. The fans were very upset about the incident. 

Season 4 was quite challenging for the show makers. Because the fans of High School Dxd were very disappointed with season 3, but I must say, the show makers passed the challenge with a great comeback with the outstanding season 4.

Why Does Issei Have Dull Feelings Toward Girls?

Well, Issei was a perverted schoolboy and got killed by a fallen angel on his first date. Though he was reborn as a devil, ever since then, he developed a fear of girls. Even when girls poke him, he responds dully. Because he simply believes they are teasing him.

However, he knows this is just an intense fear, and the fear is not valid. But he can’t help with this. 

Why Did Rias Gremory Come To Live On Earth?

Rias Gremory is the female protagonist of the show and fiancé of Issei. She is also the Gremory Clan’s heir and is known as Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess in her clan. However, she doesn’t like her identity as a devil or Crimson-haired princess. In this world, everyone knows her as Rias. That’s why she came to live in the human world. 

Voice Artists Of High School Dxd:

Well, in anime series, voice artists have a vast role. Their voices give life to lifeless cartoons. So, here are the voice artists who worked on High School Dxd. 

  • Issei Hyodo- Scott Freeman (Season 1-2) and Josh Grelle (Season 3 onwards) 
  • Rias Gremory- Jamie Marchi
  • Asia Argento – Chloe Daniels
  • Akeno Himejima- Teri Rogers
  • Yuto kiba- Sean O’Connor
  • Koneko Tojo- Jad Saxton 

Studio and music:

Japanese animation studio TNK has worked on the animation of the first three seasons. They worked very well in the first two seasons. However, the audience was not happy with season 3. Furthermore, the third season didn’t follow the light novels. Instead, the studio improvised the story. 

And probably that passed the production of the fourth season to another studio named Passione. Fans had seen completely different plots of animation in the fourth season. However, some fans were satisfied with the changes, and some were not. 

The music of the series was arranged and composed by Japanese composer Ryosuke Nakanishi. Well, lots of fans are not fully satisfied with the third season animation. However, most of the fans love the music of the series. So, I must say  Ryosuke did a great job. 


In Crunchyroll, the series has got a rating of 4.6/5, and the most prominent site of anime lovers in MyAnimeList, it has ranked #65 and scored 7.41. 

Social media popularity:

On the largest site Facebook, the official page of High School Dxd has 162k followers. Also, hundreds of fan groups gossip about the series. 

Google trend:

In Google trends, we have seen the maximum interest for season 5 of High School Dxd in July 2020.  

Where to watch?

You can watch the series on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Amazon, and Funimation. However, to watch season four, you may face some censored issues.

high school dxd season 5

Final words:

In conclusion, I would say the storyline of High School Dxd is superb. If you didn’t watch it, you should start right away. And if you are done with season 4, hold your breath for the announcement of High School Dxd Season 5. That’s because the big announcement has already come. 

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