Have you ever thought about what will happen if the Princess of Hell wants to open a hotel?  Well, if you wanna know the answer, you have to watch Hazbin Hotel season 1. 

In this series, Charlie Magne, the Princess of Hell, with the help of her best friend Vaggie and their only benefactor Angel Dust who is a pornographic actor, was on a mission to build a hotel called “Happy Hotel”.

And fans who have already watched the first episode and are waiting for the next one, you are in the right place. You will get to know the facts you need to know about Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 2 here.

So, let’s see what we have got here.

Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 2

The First Release Of Hazbin Hotel:

First of all, this is an American web series. And the show belongs to the musical comedy genre. Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano is the gem who has single-handedly written, created, directed and produced this amazing animated series.

The pilot episode with a running time of 30 minutes was first released on October 28, 2019, on YouTube. The first episode was titled, “That’s Entertainment”. Hazbin Hotel is a story that emphasizes the salvation and outcome of our past events in a comical way.

Will There Be Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 2

What Happened In Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 1?

Charlie Magne, Princess of Hell, took a mission to establish a hotel for the salvation of the sinners. Because she felt sad when the sinners were killed by the Angels called Exterminators to cope with overcrowding in Hell. 

Every year, some of the sinners were killed. This broke the heart of our Princess Charlie. So, she planned the perfect and non-violent solution to this problem. She named her hotel “Happy Hotel”. This hotel would be the gateway to heaven for the sinners after their redemption. 

She sought help from her manager Vaggie who was also her girlfriend. They even managed to find a patron, Angel Dust who was a famous porno movie actor. She then gave an interview in a live TV program explaining her dream project to the inhabitants of Hell.

Though the impact of her live interview was quite discouraging, she succeeded to manage one supporter for her dream project. 

The Radio Demon, known as one of the most powerful demons, came to her and told her that he also wanted to see that hotel coming into existence. But he didn’t believe anything about the idea of redemption of sinners. He just wanted the hotel to fulfill his need for entertainment.

Despite their difference in beliefs, Charlie made a deal with the Radio Demon. He promised that he would help her to establish the hotel. Vaggie wasn’t pleased to make any deals with a demon like him. But Charlie convinced her that she would be careful while dealing with him.

Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date: [Update: October 21]

The release date is still unknown. But the release of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is almost 100% certain. The series has already been taken by channel A24 for the adaptation of a full TV series.

But as the producers didn’t say anything about the exact release date, it is not possible to predict when this show will begin streaming again. We can hope that we will be able to watch the second episode this October. The first one also premiered in October. 

Moreover, as we are currently in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, production is delayed in many ways. So, for now, all we can do is wait for the next episode as well as the full season. In the meantime, you can keep Virgin River Season 3, Hilda Season 3, or Better Call Saul Season 6 on your watchlist.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

What Will Happen In Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 2?

At the end of episode 1, the evil demon Sir Pentious attacked and tried to destroy the Happy Hotel. But Charlie with the help of Vaggie, Angel, and Radio Demon managed to defeat him. Also, they changed the hotel’s name to “Hazbin Hotel”.

The Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 will certainly follow the storyline of episode 1. It will be exciting to watch them accepting new guests in their dream hotel. The characters had their individual charisma, so watching them developing their characters will also be entertaining.

Maintaining the Hazbin Hotel to its best, they have to work together. They will definitely try to attract new guests to the hotel. The relationship between Charlie and Vaggie will also grow and can take turns as Radio Demon is also part of the group now. 


The IMDb rating of Hazbin Hotel is 8 out of 10.


Hazbin Hotel is the winner of The Webby Awards 2020.


Is Angel Dust a boy or girl?

Answer: He is a boy who is also gay.

Is Vaggie Charlie’s girlfriend?

Answer: Yes, Charlie’s girlfriend’s name is Vaggie..

Is Hazbin Hotel kid-friendly?

Answer: No, it is an adult animated series.

Does Alastor like Charlie?

Answer: That’s not been revealed yet.

Does Angel Dust have a crush on Alastor?

Answer: Well, he did flirt with him at the first sight. 


I know it is hard to wait for The Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 because we all are eager to know what will happen next. Well, the upcoming episode is right around the corner, so wait a little more.

After watching Hazbin Hotel, it feels like no dream is impossible to fulfill. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your own dream and find your way to happiness.

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