While the dust has settled after an eventful Comic-Con in San Diego, things seem to be getting blurry at Marvel. 

The excitement for phases 5 & 6 of the MCU was palpable with the infamous Hall H buzzing in anticipation.  Kevin Feige took to the stage and announced the next line-up of Avengers movies. And if I’m being honest, it felt a little underwhelming. It was lacking a spark. The magic touch Marvel has sprinkled on their movies since Iron Man in 2008 was absent. 

Has the Marvel Bubble Burst?

While Avengers 5 & 6 won’t hit our screens until 2025, there’s a lot of work for Marvel to do between now and then to reenergize the franchise. 

Iron Man and Captain America were at the core of phases 1-3. If Iron Man was the heart, Captain America was the soul. The MCU had an iron-clad plan (forgive the pun!) that led through to End Game.

The 18-movie line-up was forensically planned with every movie building on the last. It’s as if each one was passing the baton on to the next to drive the franchise forward. New and exciting characters were introduced at exactly the right moments.

They all bought something to the table. Each added value. It felt like they belonged. 

And then came phase 4 which – for the most part – worked well. But it’s at phases 5 & 6 that the wheels start to fall off. Who’s the anchor that ties in all these movies and tv shows? What brings it together? At least with phases 1-3 we could point to Iron Man and Captain America but now we’ve no idea. 

There’s been a plethora of shows and movies released by Marvel in recent years but what’s the direction? Characters are being introduced willy-nilly. Sure, we got introduced to Kang (the next big villain) but do we even know which Avengers will be going up against him? We can’t point to any of the superheroes

Is the market oversaturated? Possibly. Is there the same level of excitement as there was all those years ago?

Questionable. How does Marvel turn this round while it’s not too late? This will need to be answered and navigated to ensure Marvel is churning out movies and tv shows that keep fans coming back for more.

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