Do you belong to the loyal fanbase of Grey’s Anatomy? If yes, then I have good news for you. From the very beginning, Grey’s Anatomy has taken a special place in many people’s hearts and the series has become one of the most successful TV shows in history.

And only for the love and appreciation, Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will see the light of the day with some new cast and crew. But if you have not watched this series yet, start watching it now.

For you, I am about to tell you the release date, plot, and everything you need to know about season 18.

The Debut of Grey’s Anatomy: 

The show first aired on 27 March 2005 through the ABC channel in the United States. The creator of this show was Shonda Rhimes. The production house is Shondaland which has been producing from the beginning of this show till now. 

The season had 9 episodes and the Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 finale was viewed by 22.22 million people. Therefore, the series was a massive hit from the start.


It’s a completely different concept-based series. The combination of American medical fiction contents, fun, romance, comedy, and so on has resulted in a complete package of entertainment.

grey's anatomy season 18 release date

What Happened In The Previous Seasons?

The journey of Grey’s Anatomy has crossed a long way. From the first season  to till now, many stories of medical patients and the everyday struggle of doctors, residents, and interns to save them were portrayed amazingly before the audience.

Not only the disease but also the emotional life of the residents was shown in this drama. If you have no idea what a person has been through in the medical field, you can have a pretty good idea about it with this drama.

A lot of things have changed for all the cast over time and the very last season was about the recent pandemic. What happened around the whole world had hit Grey Sloan Memorial as well. All the doctors tried their best to save the patient from COVID-19 as well as their own personal situations.

While taking care of the patients Meredith was affected by the virus and had a hard time recovering. Teddy lost her relative, Amelia tried to help her friends mentally. Hayes had to treat the highly risked relative with a kidney stone.

The Covid-19 situation was not the only concern of the doctors in the last season. They had to treat patients with other diseases as well. However, the season ended with a wedding. Maggie and Winston decided to get married finally and things took a new turn for Meredith and Jo.

Release Date of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18:

The release date of the upcoming new season is already confirmed by ABC on their official site. Grey’s Anatomy’s new episodes will be available on ABC on september 30, 2021 at 9 pm .  


This most popular show has been awarded many prestigious international awards. They are- Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series in 2007, People Choice Award for favorite drama Tv actress in 2015, Writers Guild of America Award for best new series in 2006, NAACP awards for Outstanding Directing in a drama series in 2011, and so on.

Social Media Popularity:

23,239,248 likes have been hit on the Facebook official fan page of Grey’s Anatomy.

8.5M followers have been admiring the photos and posts of the cast of Grey on Instagram.

1.7M people viewed the trailer of season 17 around 10 months ago on YouTube.


Is Anyone On Grey’s Anatomy A Real Doctor?

Answer: To justify the story and avoid any misconception, writers followed advice from professional doctors. But none of the actors was a real doctor.

Is Meredith Grey a Real Surgeon? 

Answer: Not at all, she is an actor only and one of the main protagonists.

Is Grey’s Anatomy Medically Correct?

Answer: In most of the facts the answer is yes. From Dr.Remien’s point of view, most of the cases of this show are scientifically accurate. 

What Was The Best Season Of This Show?

Answer: According to most of the fans of this show, season 1 is the best one. But some others think that Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 was also the best season.


Everyone in the world was panicking and worried about the pandemic. On that point, Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy showed us how we can look at the bright side and move on. We all hope that Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will come back with some more heart-touching stories like the previous ones.

And in the meanwhile, watch Youjo Senki Season 2 or Alone Season 6 while waiting for the next season.

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