Having a massive loyal fan base is all a story can wish for. And both One Punch Man and Dragon Ball series have achieved that throughout their long years of journey in the anime and manga world.

Now, these crazy fans are fighting online to find the answer- in the fight between Goku Vs Saitama who would win?

Well, I am a great admirer of both of these amazing stories, and if my favorite heroes fight, I guess I will be more worried rather than become excited. I think if this fight ever happens Goku would be the winner.

But to calm down the furious fans out there, I want to state some facts to prove my point.

Who Is Stronger: Goku Or Saitama?

Goku and Saitama both are the number one superheroes in their own world. In Dragon Ball, Goku is often called the God of the Dragons. He is an amazing and inspiring character who thinks anything is achievable by hard work and training.

Likewise, Saitama is the ordinary man of the OPM world, with an ordinary dream of becoming a hero. Eventually, he became one after three years of extreme training. But he has lost the excitement of fighting and winning because all he needs now is a punch to finish off his enemy.

Seems like it is impossible to figure out who is stronger with just their physical and characteristic profile. Their powers and physical abilities are out-of-the-world and beyond our imagination. So, in my eyes, both are strong opponents of each other.

Goku Vs Saitama Who Would Win

Goku Vs Saitama Who Would Win:

Even though both Goku and Saitama have strong physical strength, speed, and intelligence, Saitama might fall behind in some categories. Character-wise, Goku never gives up winning against his opponent and even if he is defeated at first, he comes back with more power to fight again. He literally died once but was back again with his Ultra Instinct state.

The creators of Goku have leveled him up to the extent that they had to create God-like monsters and opponents for him to fight.

I know, the Saitama fan club can say that he only needs a serious punch to finish off Goku. His powers are limitless and infinite and he can grow stronger as per the opponent’s demands. Well, that can be the case if he was used to fighting monsters that had strength like Goku.

OPM monster characters are nowhere near the power level of Goku, I believe. So, you can never say that Saitama can beat him with Serious or Consecutive Punches as he did with others.

Instead, Goku can easily beat Saitama because he is always training hard to make him stronger. And many fights shown in Dragon Ball prove that he already has the power to beat Saitama.


I know that the facts are definitely favoring Goku with his strength, willpower, and additional superpowers from the DragonBall series. However, we still haven’t seen Saitama in full power because he never found a worthy opponent to fight.

If in the future Saitama can show his full level of strength and capacity, I think the fight between these two legendary characters will be fair. I hope you will not worry about it too much and show respect for both characters until the fight finally happens.

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