Are you also eagerly looking for Goku Vs Saitama power levels like me? Well, a lot of fans of both of these series are looking for the accurate power levels of their favorite heroes just to argue and prove that either Goku or Saitama is stronger than the other.

Now, today, you can get a detailed comparison between Goku and Saitama in this article. Let’s dive in

Goku VS Saitama Power Levels:

Today we will calculate Goku and Saitama’s power levels by comparing their change of power stats over the years. This is just speculation. But if we observe it as a hypothesis, I think this calculation will seem pretty reasonable.

Goku Vs Saitama

Power Comparison

Since Saitama was an ordinary man before starting training, his power level was 0 before training. And we watched Goku’s growth as a kid.

So, he was at the ground level when he was a kid. Next, in the 22 Budokai stage, Goku started growing and reached level 180 where Saitama was only 50 while he was Mid-training.

After Saitama broke his limiter, there was no way left to measure his power level. Moreover, he never showed his full strength. So, we can consider the Casual State of Saitama at level 500.

At the same time, Goku went to various transition states. While fighting with Piccolo Jr, Raditz, using Kaiokenx3, in SSJ state Goku’s power leveled up 300, 416, 2400, 150,000,000 respectively.

Power Of Punch

Now, let’s move to Saitama again. His Normal Punch can be considered at the power level 450,000,000 whereas Goku in SSJ Grade was in level 900,000,000, in cell games- 2,250,000,000, SSJ3- 24,000,000,000.

Again Saitama’s Consecutive Normal Punches can be ranked 100,000,000,000 and Goku’s SSG full power can be at level 6 trillion. Lastly for Saitama, Serious mode was level 100 trillion but Goku’s Transition was still growing up to 100 Quintillion.

Since we don’t know the limit of Saitama’s power, we will keep him at 600 Quintillion for his Serious Punch. On the contrary, Goku kept fighting and training and went to various lengths to fight back. So, his last seen stage MUI can be leveled to 12 Septillion.


I know there are various theories that support Goku more than it does for Saitama. According to Dragon Ball Guides, Goku’s transformations are- Super Saiyan (2X), Super Saiyan 3(4X), SSJ3 Goku is at level 1.2 Billion, Vegito- (fusion of Goku and Vegeta)- 50X stronger and three times stronger than Saitama in his true form.

And if you include Zenkai Boosts, Power-ups, Training for Goku, there is no way Saitama will match up because he doesn’t train anymore.

Therefore, Goku seems to be the strongest one.

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