It’s really amazing when a Japanese romantic novel comes as a drama series. And the same happened to ‘Given’. People took this drama with lots of appreciation. 

And the first season is over, the passionate audience is waiting for the next season. I am not out of the folk. Yes, I am also waiting for the 2nd season. 

Now the question is when will the Given season 2 be released. Well, you will get the answer here.

This article will let you know all the information regarding Given. Let’s see. 

Is There Any Manga Of Given To Read?

Do you know about Japanese manga? They are so amazing to read. Given is one of them.

The Japanese manga series “Given” was illustrated as well as written by Natsuki Kizu. In the manga magazine, it was serialized which used to come after 30 days.

The genre of this series is romance as well as drama. In this series, there is a group of students and they have a rock band.

In that group, there are 4 students and among them, there is a dual relationship that is so romantic.

This relationship is between Ritsuka Uenoyama the electric guitarist and Mafuyu Satō the vocalist, and the other relationship is between Haruki Nakayama the bassist, and Akihiko Kaji the drummer.

So, you see, there is an interesting story in this series. You can watch it or read the manga or do both. It’s totally your choice.

Given Season 2

Is “given” A Good Series?

Well, the first season of Given had 11 episodes and this TV series was produced by Blue Lynx.

In 2020 it was released and aired on Noitamina of Fuji TV. I have watched this series and also read the manga.

The story is so interesting and the sound system, as well as the art, is so beautiful. Everyone said that this series deserves nine out of ten for its amazing sound and art.

And the relationship between the gay couples was presented so magnificently that everyone liked it.

If you search for the ratings and reviews of Given, then you will understand how popular this series is.

According to my personal opinion, this series has a good story. I loved this series, so I will request you to watch it.

Given Season 2 Release Date: [Update: October21]

After the first season, it gained so much love and popularity that now everyone is waiting for Given season 2.

And I am one of them. So, I always keep myself updated on this series and keep searching the recent news.

Today, I will give you a piece of good news about this series. It has been one year since everyone is waiting for the official notice of the next season.

The official notice of the 2nd season is not revealed yet, but we think it will premiere at the beginning of 2022.

Well, I think the producers are waiting for the right time when they will have some more materials for working.

There may be another reason, maybe they are waiting because of the coronavirus, if the impact of the coronavirus lessens, then it will be good for them from the point of view of the business.


Yes, we have come to the end of this article. Through this article, I tried to share some information with you.

I hope you are so much happy and excited to know that the second season of Given is coming soon. So, keep this excitement and wait for the upcoming episodes of the second season of Given.

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