Are you the newest fan of Genshin Impact? If you are, then you must be doing a background check of the characters right now. Fortunately, the game and manga have the same backstory. So, you don’t have to look on different sites for different characters.

Now, in this article, I am going to inform you about the Genshin Impact character’s age. Here, you will be able to know some of their birthdays as well.

So, let’s start.

Characters of Genshin Impact:

Well, I don’t want you to be confused about which Genshin Impact characters we are talking about. Since there are two versions of this franchise, I will talk about both of them. At first, miHoYo came up with the idea of the game, and after that miHoYo comics published a manga on WebToon.

This Action/Adventure/Fantasy-based comic has won 324k subscribers and the rating is 9.90. I guess you can understand how popular this series has been for the past two years.

The characters in this series have appeared according to the story’s needs. But the story is related to different regions of the world named Teyvat. This world is blessed by 7elemental God. And Mondstadt or the city of Wind is the place where all my favorite characters live.

Character’s Age:

Jean, Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Barbara, Diluc, and many other characters appeared in Mondstadt. Among them- Klee is the youngest of all characters. Her birthday is on July 27th and she is only 10 years old. After her, Barbara and Amber are teenagers of 16 years old and their birthdays are on July 5th and August 10th.  

My favorite character Albedo is 18 years old. September 13th is his birthday. After him, Jean is 20, Diluc and Kaeya are 22 and Lisa is 26 years old.

Now if you are playing the ORPG, you will be the Anemo Traveler and your birthday will be the travelers’ birthday.

The following characters belong to the Liyue state- Xiao, Beidou, Ningguang, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Chongyun, and many more. Among them, Xiangling is the youngest by being only 14 years old. Chongyun is 17. And Xiao is over 2000 years old.

Other than these characters, there are some other characters who have two ages- Biological and chronological. Venti is 15 years old biologically but her chronological age is more than 2600. Moreover, Ganyu and Zhongli are over 3000 and 6000 years old respectively.

Genshin Impact Character’s Age


Even though the elemental Gods gave the people of Teyvat civilization, they have started ruining it by corruption. You can read the manga as it goes on or you can also take part in the adventure of Genshin Impact.

No matter how old you are, you will find a similar NPC according to this article. So, choose your favorite character by Genshin Impact character’s age and play this exciting game.

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