If you are very much concerned about your body weight, I would suggest you stop reading this! Because the anime I am going to talk about today will make you a foodie for sure. 

Yes, I am talking about Food Wars and even you will get to know here Food Wars season 4. A little bit surprised? You may be. 

You know I was amazed at all the previous seasons of Food Wars. And now, I am eagerly waiting for season 6.

But will this sequel come? Let’s see.  

The First Release Of Food Wars:

Well, if you are still reading this, I guess you have a great love and passion for food. And I am pretty sure you will love the top-class animation of foods in this series. So, let’s get introduced to Food Wars. 

Food Wars is based on a Japanese manga written by Yuto Tsukuda. And Shun Saeki has worked on its mind-blowing animation. The anime was first aired on April 4, 2015. 

Story at a glance:

The protagonist of the show Soma Yukihira used to work with his father in their family restaurant. His father Joichiro Yukihira was a great chef, and the teenage boy always aspired to surpass his father in culinary skills. However, his father, Joichiro got a new job outside the country in Europe. 

So, his father closed their restaurant and got Soma enrolled in Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute. It was an elite school for culinary, and it was very tough to graduate from that school. Roughly 10% of the total students made it to the end.  From there, teenager Soma’s journey began to achieve his dream. 

Will There Be Food Wars Season 4

What’s Special About Food Wars?

Well, like most other anime, you may not find actions in this series. But the series is exceptionally extraordinary because of its humorous comedy and well-built characters. At the same time, the exceptional food arts and top-class animation of the show will blow your mind for sure. 

However, if you are looking for an action-based anime, I would suggest you watch High School Dxd, which has four seasons released and will release High School Dxd Season 5 in early 2021. 

Food Wars Season 4 Release Date: [Update: month20]

For your information, Food Wars season 4 premiered from October 12, 2019, to December 28, 2019, on Tokyo MX. Additionally, it has been broadcasted in BS11, Abema TV, and Animax. 

How Many Seasons Of Food Wars?

Well, the anime series is beautiful to watch because of its mind-blowing art and colorful visuals. Regarding Food Wars, the breathtaking chef competition has added a new dimension to the show. 

From the beginning of its first season, it has won the hearts of lots of anime lovers. So far, it has released a total of 5 seasons from 2015 to 2020. 

  • Season 1: Food Wars! – April- September 2015
  • Season 2: Food Wars! The Second Plate- July- September 2016
  • Season 3: Food Wars! The Third Plate- October- December 2017
  • Season 4: Food Wars! The fourth Plate- October- December 2019
  • Season 5: Food Wars! The fifth Plate- October- December 2020 

Will There Be A Food War Season 6?

Well, the final episode of Food Wars has left a mixed feeling among the fans. Some are very much satisfied with the ending, while some are not. Perhaps, most of them are expecting another season of Food Wars.  Well, it is very obvious because saying goodbye to a favorite show is never easy. 

So, will there be a Food War season 6? Well, it may hurt you, but season 6 is quite impossible as season 5 has already been announced as the last season of Food Wars. However, if you are a crazy fan of the series, you will be glad to know that I still see a tiny hope for season 6. How? 

Well, you probably remember after the end of season 3, the makers of Food Wars took a two years gap to release season 4. Fans have waited and waited, and at some point, they were convinced that there wouldn’t be any season 4. However, the J C Staffs Studio gave the fans a big surprise with season 4 in 2019. 

Currently, we have no updates regarding the release of season 6 of Food Wars. However, as soon as we got some updates, we will let you know immediately. 

Voice artists of Food Wars:

The amazing voice of Soma Yukihira is given by American voice artist Black Shepard. And the voice of Erina Nakiri has been given by American voice artist Stephanie Wittels. The voice of Megumi Tadokoro was given by Jad Saxton. Saxton also worked on the anime Haganai and the movie Wolf Children. 

Studio and music:

J. C. Staff studio has worked on the amazing animations of Food Wars. The studio also worked on the One Punch Man season 2, and the studio is currently working on One Punch Man season 3 as well. And the amazing music of the Food Wars was composed and arranged by Tatsuya Kato.

Ratings of Food Wars:

The ratings of Food Wars are quite impressive. The show has scored 8.33 on My Anime List and ranked 50th among the animes. In IMDb rating, it has scored 8.2/10. 

Popularity status:

Social media:

On Facebook, the most popular social site, its official page has 437k followers. And there are hundreds of fan groups. 

Google Trend:

In google trend, the interest for Food Wars season 6 was at its peak after the last episode of season 5. It’s still maintaining an upward trend, which indicates the growing interests of people in its season 6. 

Where can I watch?

Well, you can watch all of the seasons of Food Wars both on Netflix and Hulu on subscription. However, if you want to watch for free, you can visit Crunchyroll or Adult Swim. 

Is Food Wars worth watching?

The series has lots of fun characters, humorous comedy and unlike other anime, it has action scenes in the form of the arts of cooking. And you will also love the chemistry between Soma and Erina. So, in my opinion, watching the show is worthwhile. 

Food Wars Season 4, 5, 6

Final Words:

In conclusion, I must say if you didn’t watch it yet, I would highly recommend you to watch this. The plots, characters, storyline, and most importantly, dishes will amuse you for sure. 

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