As I always had fascinations for stories related to dragons, The Dragon Prince was one of my favorite animated dramas. And if you have the same interest as mine, I have good news for you.

At San Diego Comic-con, the co-creator of this series announced that Netflix has given permission to renew The Dragon Prince for four more seasons to complete the story. Hence, Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date may be middle or late of 2022.

And this article will provide you with everything you need to know about The Dragon Prince Season 4. #TheDragonPrince

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The First Release of The Dragon Prince:

The series was first released in 2018. After that three more seasons have been released. And most importantly, the story of The Dragon Prince is a full package of Fantasy, Action, Adventure, and Comedy.

From the very first season, the show was a creation of Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. At the same time, Bardel Entertainment took over the responsibility as the animator. Besides, Wonderstorm and MWM Studios produced the show and it was distributed by Netflix.

What Happened In The Previous Seasons?

The first season mainly focused on the setting of this amazing story. The story revolved around the correlation between humans, elves, and dragons in a place called Xadia, a long time ago. Back then in that fantasy world, all of them were living peacefully by the grace of magic.

But the humans were envious of the dragons as they were the ones who could possess the magic naturally. Soon they started using the darkest form of magic. The dragons and elves ended all the dealings with humans and sent them to the far west.

But Harrow of Katolis, the human king, never forgot what he truly wanted. With the assistance of his advisor Viren and his dark magic, the king killed Avizandum, the dragon king, and tried to destroy his egg as well. But the dragon prince was born eventually and found by the sons of the king.

After killing the king in season 1, Viren started to gather other human kingdoms to attack Xadia and made a deal with Aaravos so that he could help him with his dark magic in season 2. In the meantime, Callum, Ezran, and Rayla were taking care of the dragon prince to help him grow up.

Ezran helped Zym (the dragon prince) to learn how to fly. The connection between them grew stronger each day. On the other hand, humans stole Titan’s heart after massive casualties. At the end of season 2, the trio showed courage to fight Sol Regem, the monster.

They succeeded in returning Zym to his mother in season 3 which was good news after a while. Another good news was Claudia resurrected her dead father Viren. However, the mysterious and wicked Aaravos was trying to transform his body by metamorphosis. Season 3 ended with an exhilarating conclusion.

What will happen in The Dragon Prince Season 4

What will happen in The Dragon Prince Season 4?

After the traitorous behavior of humans, it will be hard to reunite them with the dragon and elf kingdom. Yet it can be expected that Viran will try to persuade the dragon queen.

Aaravos’s metamorphosis will be finalized and we will be able to see what new form his body takes. In addition, we will also see how Cellum’s training turns out at the Storm Spire.

Since season four is called ‘Earth’, it can be predicted that the archdragon of the earth might appear in this season.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date: [Update: month20]

We will be able to watch The Dragon Prince season 4 in the middle or end of 2022. And after that, the Dragon Prince season 5 will start producing. So, until then you can watch Oregairu Season 3 if you love anime as well.

Since Netflix has renewed the show, there will be a little gap between the next few seasons to produce the show.

Press release from The Dragon Prince @thedragonprince Twitter account.
Press release from The Dragon Prince @thedragonprince Twitter account.


The IMDB rating for The Dragon Prince was 8.4 out of 10, rated by 17.6K viewers. And Rotten Tomatoes rating was 4 out of 5.

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Is The Dragon Prince Anime?

Answer: No, The Dragon Prince is not created in Japan or by following any Manga. The show is created by three-dimensional computer animation, 3D modeling, and hand painting. Therefore, this is not an anime.

Is Rayla a boy?

Answer: No, Rayla is a girl. Even though her appearance looks like a boy, he is indeed a girl.

Who is the most powerful dragon in The Dragon Prince?

Answer: Archdragons are the most powerful dragons in The Dragon Prince.


The next season of The Dragon Prince will disclose many secrets that were wandering in the previous seasons. The Dragon Prince Season 4 will start over after the battle between humans and the elves fought. So, let’s wait for a few more days because the premier is right around the corner.

And we are hoping that Hilda Season 3 will also release after the release of the upcoming season of The Dragon Prince.

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