Do you like to watch Japanese manga-based animation series? Then you must have watched Dragon Ball Super and now waiting for Dragon Ball Super season 2.

Now the question comes, when will the next season of this famous anime come? You know it’s really tough to get this answer in a word. But according to some sources, season 2 may premiere in July 2023.

Don’t be so worried. There are some facts that let you know the possibility of a sequel to this animie.

Let’s check them out.

Is Dragon Ball Super Season 2 finished?

Season 2 has not been released yet. Rather fans are eagerly waiting for Dragon Ball Super to come back. But there is no news about when it will be released.

The 1st season of Dragon Ball Super had a total of 131 episodes. And how many episodes the sequel will contain is still unknown to all.

A movie named “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” was made following Dragon Ball Super season 1. The series as well as the movie was so famous that a movie sequel had been in development.

It’s been 3 years since the 1st season of Dragon Ball aired. But there is still no official news about the Dragon Ball Super season 2 release date. Meanwhile, the manga is ongoing with its storyline. So we can hope that there will be a season 2.

Will Dragon Ball Super Come Back?     

Will Dragon Ball Super Come Back?

Dragon Ball Super season 1 came to an end in March 2018. Though it had been more than two years, season 2 has not made any announcement of coming back. Fans are devastated without this amazing series.

As for season 1, Dragon Ball Super had 131 episodes in total. Normally we get 12 episodes in other anime series like One Punch Man season 3. But after releasing season 1 with many episodes, Toei animation may be decided to make a movie rather than coming with so many episodes.

They released Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a movie in 2018. Another Dragon Ball Super movie has also been confirmed this year. Let’s wait for the sequel of Dragon Ball Super. Maybe it will come after the movie.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date: [Update: month20]

Dragon Ball Super is also a Japanese anime series based on manga. The manga is continuing with its new episodes but the anime series still did not release its season 2. And as the manga is still not close to the big ending, so the anime series is not ended too. 

As for the fact, the manga is still ongoing, so there may be a season 2. But Toei animation has not announced the release date yet. We can guess that it may come back in 2023. 

Is Dragon Ball Super Worth Watching?

Yes! Obviously. The most famous dragon ball series is Dragon Ball Super. It is way better than GT and Z. Its rating is also high.

So, yes it’s worth watching. You will enjoy the actions. Also, the storyline is interesting as well. Though Dragon Ball is full of manga, anime series, and games; fans liked the Dragon Ball Super series mostly. 

Who Is The Main Character In Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

I should give you a spoiler alert. But according to the manga, a new villain named Moro will be introduced. Goku and Vegeta will hunt for Moro.

The plot goes around the season 1 tournament of power arcs. Moro will gain his power back. So it will be freaking awesome to watch Goku and Vegeta fight back Moro. 

Dragon Ball Super Moro

How Is The Trailer Of Season 2?

Sorry to disappoint but there is no official trailer of season 2 yet. After watching season 1 of this anime series, fans are waiting for season 2. They thought Toei would make an announcement of the season 2 release date in 2020.

Fans want a happy ending; they also want more of Goku-Vegeta action. So they are waiting with great passion.                                                                                                      

The Popularity Of Dragon Ball Super In Social Media    

If you are a fan of anime, you know dragon ball is the most famous worldwide. Dragon Ball Super is also famous with a big fan base. Toei animation which produced this anime series also came with Dragon Ball movies and games. 

Dragon Ball Super season 1 was so famous that Toei animation made a movie after that. Another one is coming out soon. 

Though Dragon Ball Super season 1 came out in March 2018, Fans are still commenting and discussing it. The obsession of fans is still going on. The manga is ongoing with its new episodes, so fans are guessing the new season will probably be similar to the manga. 

It has an 8.4 rating on IMDb. And this series is famous worldwide. You can watch it on Amazon prime video.

Is it on Netflix?

Dragon Ball Super season 1 is on Netflix. You can watch it in English dub also. Though some other anime series like Gate Season 3 are only available on Netflix UK and Netflix Japan, Dragon Ball Super is available worldwide with its English dub.

As it is available on Netflix. Dragon Ball Super has international fans as well. You know it became so popular that fans are eagerly waiting for its comeback with season 2.

You can also watch One Punch Man season 3 and Overlord Season 4 on Netflix. But season 2 of Dragon Ball Super has not been released yet. I guess you can hope that it will be on Netflix also.

Which Is The Name Of The Production Company?

The Japanese series was made by Akira Toriyama. The manga is illustrated by Toyotarou. You already know that Dragon Ball Super was made from the manga. 

Toei Animation Company is the production company for the Dragon Ball Super series. Each episode was written by different writers. Dragon Ball Super season 1 had 131 episodes. 

Was Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Profitable?

Dragon Ball Super is one of the most famous anime series of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball which was created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, becomes a media franchise. Maybe you heard names like Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon ball was made into many anime series. Toei Animation is the production company, which made this fan-favorite manga into anime. You may think it is too old, but trust me Dragon ball fever is still on with anime lovers.

Though it started its journey a long time ago, it is still one of the most best-selling manga and anime series. Toei Animation Company did not make their fans disappointed. You can watch Dragon Ball Super series on Netflix, Amazon prime, and other anime televisions.

So you can already guess how popular this series is. In Dragon Ball Super season 1, there were 131 episodes. Normally any animation series comes with 13 or 25 episodes in one season. But even with this big number of episodes, this series did not lose its fans’ concentration. Fans were not bored but obsessed with this franchise.

Even a mobile game made by Toei Animation Company was like a golden goose for them. Dragon Ball Super season 1 came out in 2015 and made a lot of money. In 2018 it crossed $1+ billion for Toei Animation.

So as you can see Dragon Ball is still making a good profit for Toei Company.

Was Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cancelled?

Was Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cancelled?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 was not canceled but Toei Animation did not give any release date to the fans yet. After season 1, fans were waiting for season 2 to come back in 2020. But Toei did not announce any release date so far.

Fans thought many theories about season 2. Some theories are like Dragon Ball Super has been finished. But Toei only made Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie after season 1 and now another one is in production.

So fans are guessing after these movies, season 2 may come back. In fact, the most selling manga is still ongoing. So the story has been not finished yet. The super series made a lot of profit for Toei animation.

Thus I think season 2 will come after a long break because the manga is still running with the storyline. 


We are about to complete our mission to let you know everything about Dragon Ball Super season 2. I hope you have enough knowledge now about this animation series.

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous manga and anime series of all time. It still has its fascination. 

The animation quality is also good. It’s already a fan favorite anime series. So, let’s wait for season 2, and in the meantime watch season 1. Don’t forget the movie too and have fun. I can assure you that you won’t regret watching it. 

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