When any drama series is such that it touches the heart, then, of course, the desire for the next season increases. And Dracula Untold was such a drama series. The viewers are waiting for Dracula Untold 2. 

I am not an exception. But will the next season come? The answer depends on several factors. And in this article, we will have a try to find the answer.

Let’s start digging.  

Dracula Untold 2 Release Date: [Update: month20]

It is natural that after watching such an amazing series like Dracula Untold, you will wait for the second part of it.

The same goes for me. As a fan, I am also waiting for the sequel of Dracula Untold. There is no news about this second part of it yet.

It was lost in the plans of Universal. They are trying to make another reboot for the “Dark Universe” along with “Invisible Man”. And this will be released in 2020.

If there remains any chance for Dracula Untold 2, then it will take time to release. We may get it after four years in 2024 or after that. 

We have waited so long. That’s why there will be nothing wrong if we wait four more years. Let’s see, what happens.

Dracula Untold 2

Who Can Be In Dracula Untold 2?

As I am not confirmed about Dracula Untold 2, so I can’t say anything with full surety. But I think Luke Evans will be there.

As he always shows great interest in the second part of this series. Besides, in an interview, he said lots of positive things about his character.

I also assume that Sarah Gordon will play the role of Mina. Other new members may also be added to that sequel.

What Can Be The Story Of The Second Part Of Dracula Untold?

You may already know the story of the first part of Dracula Untold which focuses on Vlad 3 Draculea, who was the prince of Transylvania and Wallachia as well as a warrior.

He was most afraid of the rival kingdoms. Because of the guilt of his past, he tried to rule peacefully.

But everything turned wrong when Vlad made that deal along with those vampires and this cost him humanity.

For saving his family and people he transformed himself in a vampire so that he can gain unnatural powers and strength.

After that, Vlad loses Minira, his wife, as well as himself. After hearing the news of his being dead, as the next prince the crown was given to his son, Îngeraș.

Here the film ended, when Vlad was in London.

In the second part of Dracula Untold, it may be filmed in London as the modern-day. It could be a modern reciting of Dracula by Stoker along with a bunch of creative libraries.

There can be characters like the fiancé of Mina, Jonathan Harker as well as that man who discharges from the castle of Dracula with the hunter of vampire, Van Helsing.

You may imagine the sequel of Dracula Untold in a different way. You can share your thoughts with us or your friends and family.

Final words:

If you have not watched the first part of Dracula Untold, then I must say it’s a wonderful series.

Give it a watch, believe me, you are going to love it. And if you are waiting for the second part, then please don’t be upset at all. Hope for the best.


  1. Sir Toaster Reply

    I loved Dracula Untold I would much prefer him to be the Dark Universe’s Iron Man or Captain America. Luke Evens doesn’t need to do much, he looks the part as Dracula and I would love to see more of him.

  2. Dude, the studio made that tom cruise mummy movie instead. Doubt you’re going to see the 2nd part of Dracula Untold. Sad, but true. They sold out to make a few bucks on Tom Cruise’s name instead of creating art. Its what Hollywood does now. They have no shame.

  3. This sucks where’s part 2 best damn Dracula ever made we the audience want more come on it shouldn’t take 4 years iv been waiting forever this is a great movie part 2 please and this time make the movie longer thankyou in advance

    • Joe rieder Reply

      I’m blown away that there isn’t a part 2 yet!!! EVERYONE loves vampire movies and this is by far the best one ever! It will definitely b a hit and a money maker. Cannot wait to see the next one

  4. Sheila Davis Reply

    That was a great Dracula movie, the best I seen concerning Dracula and his origins – even a tad better than Underworld. And they left you hanging knowing there had to be parts 2 and 3 at least. But

  5. Dracula untold was probably the best Dracula I’ve seen no disrespect to all the other actors in previous jobs but this was great. I really wish there would be a two and three to this was a very good series. I also believe the mummy with Tom Cruise was really really good well put together. So Hollywood get your head out of your butt and realize what’s good and what’s not what’s the movies you put out suck these two were excellent movies. But I’m here to talk about Dracula untold the cast and writers extra, I thought were excellent in this. To hell with the dollars do it make sense sincerely a fan of Dracula untold

  6. Margaret Paget Reply

    Please please please don’t leave it another 4 years, I’m 64 now I might not make it and I do love a good vampire movie.

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