Love to watch imaginary stories in a drama series? Then you will surely love to watch Dr. Stone. Watching this science fiction-based story, I was really introduced to a new word of science.  

dr. stone season 2 of this amazing anime has already ended. And from the last episode of Dr. Stone, the fans are waiting for Dr. Stone season 3.

Frankly speaking, I am also waiting for the sequel. And glad to know that my waiting is going to be over very soon.  That’s because dr. stone season 3 release date will be in 2023.

Now, let’s explore some of the unknown facts of this anime with the release date of season 3. 

Taiju Oki Yuzuriha Ogawa Dr. Stone

The Plot of Dr Stone Season 1:

Have you ever wondered what will happen if we, the modern human civilization, have to return to the Stone Age? And what if this time, the entire animal species in this world turn into stone? 

Indeed, you got the answers after watching Dr. Stone season 1. Even though it does not belong to a romantic genre, the story started with a love confession! 

Taiju Oki was an 18-year-old high school student who wanted to confess his love for his classmate, Yuzuriha Ogawa. His friend, Science loving genius Senku Ishigami, took a test of him with a love potion. But Taiju passed the test and decided to confess without any cheap tricks.

Unfortunately, Taiju’s confession mission failed that time because suddenly a mysterious green light appeared at the scene and turned everyone into stone.

After 3,700 years later, Taiju finally broke the stone that covered him with only his willpower. At first, that was what he thought had happened. Wondering in the world full of stone statues of humans, Taiju found the figure of his beloved Yuzuriha.

And soon, he discovered that his best friend, Senku, awakened before him and was working on the cause and cure of human petrification. After the reunion of two close friends, Senku and Taiju started to build a new civilization from scratch.

Senku had outstanding skills in Science, and Taiju had extreme muscle power. After almost a year, they succeeded in developing a revival potion with nitric acid. 

Not long after, they started reviving other people, including Yuzuriha and the well-known martial artist Tsukasa Shishio. Are you curious to know what happened between Taiju and Yuzuriha?

Well, I am not going to give you any spoilers. You have to watch Dr. Stone Season 2 to get the answer.

But I can give you some additional information about it if you want. Not all the people had the same mentality as Senku, whom he had revived. Soon there were different opinions on how this new world will go on!

Senku was always a supporter of Science because he believed that Science could explain everything. On the other hand, Tsukasa revealed his opposite opinion eventually. Soon they became rivals.

In the course of events, Senku discovered a village that his father had founded hundreds of years ago with his astronaut friends. Fortunately, they were in the International Space Station at the time of the disaster, so they were not affected.

Thus, with his new friends, Senku started to work again to build the Kingdom of Science he always dreamt of and started to prepare for a battle against Tsukasa’s clan.

Dr Stone Season 2 Expected Storyline

Dr Stone Season 2 Storyline: 

The TV anime series Dr. Stone followed the original manga created by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi. Therefore, fans expected that Season 2, in another name Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, would follow the same direction.

Season 2 began from the arc- home turf final battle—the exact chapter 61 of the manga’s 7th volume. If I discuss the plot from manga, that will be a spoiler. But I know that your curiosity has reached the sky. So, let me tell u some facts about Stone Wars.

As the trailer goes, Season 2 was be all about the conflict between ‘Kingdom of Science’ and ‘Tsukasa Empire’. This war determined how this new civilization will thrive.

Senku was going to reunite the whole village and prepare for the war with the power of Science. But before that, they needed more people in their gang. Hence, you can expect to see some new characters as well.

In the finale of Season 1, we saw Taiju and Yuzuriha were watched by Tsukasa’s spy. This suspicious activity may lead to more scenes about them in the upcoming season. 

However, Tsukasa also enhanced his force to fight the mad scientist. He continued to walk on his path with his clan so that he could build a new society free of impurities.

A triangle of love was highly expected from fans between Chrome, Ruri, and Senku because, in season 1, it was quite unclear. 

Overall, Stone War was a loaded gun with suspense, mad scientific experiments, and an exhilarating war that blewourr mind away.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date[Update: month20]

Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date

Dramatically, the ending scene of Season 1 showed ‘Season 2 Confirmed’. So, fans all over the world have been holding their breath to know the premiere date of Season 2.

. Crunchyroll Expo confirmed on their Twitter account that the show aired on January 14th, 2021. 

A trailer was released a month ago, on October 21, 2020, from the official YouTube channel that invited us to go on a journey with this new civilization once again.

The freshman season of Dr. Stone aired from July 5, 2019, to December 13, 2019, was an instant hit. Let us hope that the third anime adaptation of this manga will not disappoint us.

Meanwhile, you can watch Made in Abyss Season 2, which belongs to the same genre as Dr. Stone and another fantasy-adventure anime with a mysterious storyline.  

Cast List of the Upcoming Season: 

There might be a few more new roles because more people will be revived from the stone statue in the upcoming season. But the basic cast will be the same as the first season. 

 The list of voice artists is given below:

List of voice artistsCast in anime
Yusuke Kobayashi Senku Ishigami
Makoto Furukawa Taiju Oki
Kana IchinoseYuzuriha Ogawa
Yuichi NakamuraTsukasa Shishio
Reina UedaRuri
Gen SatoChrome
Kengo KawanishiGen
Shotaro MorikuboShamil Volkov
Lynn Lilian Weinberg
Tomoaki MaenoKinro


Dr. Stone received appreciation from both critics and fans as soon as it started airing in 2019. IMDB rated the anime 8.2 out of 10.    

Not only fans from Japan go crazy about the anime, but also anime lovers from the West adored this show. In MyAnimeList, this adventurous anime ranked #182 and scored 8.35.


  • Is Dr. Stone Good?

Answer: Dr. Stone is a typical Shonen manga, but the thing that makes it unique is the fantasy world created by Riichiro Inagaki. As a result, the anime adaptation follows an excellent way of storytelling.

Some viewers commented that the show depicted a speed run through humanity. If you are an admirer of both sci-fi and adventure, Dr. Stone is a must-watch anime.

  • Is Dr. Stone Anime Complete?

Answer: No, It is not. It is officially announced that Dr. Stone Season 2 will premiere in January 2021. Since the manga is still publishing, the anime will continue as well.

Approximately 22 chapters will be appeared to animate the Stone Wars saga. There is another possibility to use the side story Dr. Stone reboot: Byakuya manga. Usually, the adapted anime version is dependent on the manga, so there is enough source material for the upcoming season.  

  • What Should I Watch After Dr. Stone Season 2?

Answer: By the time you finish watching Dr. Stone S2, Demon Slayer Season 2 (now in production) is expected to release. If you loved watching Dr. Stone, try watching Demon Slayer, which received massive popularity in 2019.

  • Where Can I Watch Dr. Stone?

Answer: You can watch Dr. Stone online for free on Crunchyroll, Animelab, Funimation, and VRV. The anime is available with English sub and dub both. If you want to know more about this anime, visit MyAnimeList, the Official website, or r/Dr.Stone.

Final Words: 

Dr. Stone’s followers are already hyped about the trailer of Dr. Stone Season 3. All of them are eagerly waiting to know what will happen when Science and strength will collide.

Both the ideals of Senku and Tsukasa were rational. Senku wanted to revive all people who were stoned with the help of new technological advances he had achieved, whereas Tsukasa wished the opposite.

Let us wait for a while to know who wins the Stone Wars. Studio TMS entertainment has done a tremendous job with the animation of season 2. I hope they can continue with the excellent work.

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