Sometimes besides the main lead characters, some other characters spread their excellence throughout the series or manga which plays a very significant role in that. Tatsumaki is the name of that character in OPM. But Does Tatsumaki know how strong Saitama is?

With Saitama, Tatsumaki had some very interesting chemistry which was very enjoyable. Since nobody knows the limit of Saitama’s power, I don’t think even Tatsumaki knows that as well. But she is a Psychic, so she can guess his power level. 

Let’s explore the ultimate answer through this article.

Who is Tatsumaki? 

Who has not yet known about Tatsumaki! This character was featured as a tritagonist in OPM. Her nickname in the war zone was Terrible Tornado.  She was a 28 years old lady with green eyes, green hair, and amazing physical features.

Of course she was not any ordinary woman. She also had some super qualities.

Does Tatsumaki Know How Strong Saitama Is

Saitama Met Tatsumaki 

For the first time when they met, Saitama thought of her as an annoying little girl who sat in a corner of a mall. And Tatsumaki thought of him as an ordinary man at a first glance.

After that, when they fought each other after a long time and tried to encounter each other for the first time, Tatsumaki could realize the strength of Saitama. 

After fighting the Hero Saitama, She finally understood his speed, strength, intelligence, humor and his passion for fighting.

Tatsumaki had super throwing ability and also some supernatural power to make anyone scratch by tossing around. But in Saitama, this power didn’t work at all, that’s why Tatsumaki was astonished. 

Who Will Win In Battle

Obviously, Saitama will win in the battle with Tatsumaki. Because Saitama’s power was at an extreme level than any other character’s power in OPM. So, it’s quite certain that Saitama could easily destroy Tatsumaki with just one punch.

For the Physic power resistant capacity of Saitama, it was easily understood by Tatsumaki how powerful Saitama is. She had the power to destroy the dragon-level monster but that didn’t work on Saitama either. That’s when she acknowledged his true power.

Ending point 

With some attractive aura of Tatsumaki, she could be marked as a remarkable character for her own qualities. To make the plot of One punch man a different test to readers, Tatsumaki is the best-designed character ever.

And her relationship with Saitama is pretty interesting as well. As she doesn’t have any physical strength, she fights with her psychic energy only. This is why Saitama’s power seems overwhelming to her.

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