The famous Demon Slayer is back again. After almost two years of waiting, the fans of this anime will be overwhelmed with the journey of Tanjiro Kamado. And, in this article, I will answer the most asked question about this anime- does Tanjiro become a demon?

We are hoping to watch the second season of Demon Slayer from 10 October 2021. Even though you get the answer you are looking for, keep watching Demon Slayer Season 2 for more action and emotions in the dark fantasy world.

Storyline Of Demon Slayer:

In season 1, we saw the hardship of Tanjiro. His whole family was killed by the demons and his only family left was his little sister. But unfortunately, his sister was also infected and turned herself into a demon.

Therefore, to cure her sister and get revenge, he joined the demon slayer organization. In the whole season, he tried his best to kill as many demons as possible. But even at the end of season 1, he never turned into a demon himself.  

What Will Happen in Demon Slayer Season 2?

Season 2 of the anime will begin with the Mugen Train incident. The Demon Slayer Trio will set off their journey to investigate the lost men on the train a few days ago.

The series will continue for only 7 episodes. Hence, it will not be able to cover the end arc of the manga where you can get your answer. In the second season, the fight between Enmu and Daki will be shown. It may cover the entertainment district arc as well.

Does Tanjiro Become A Demon?

Well, to answer this question, we need to take a sneak peek at the manga. There are different theories that Tanjiro will be surely turned into a demon at the end of the franchise.

However, the manga depicted a wild turn of events at the end of the series. As you know, the Demon Slayer manga adaptation has already finished the story. Tanjiro did turn into a demon for a brief amount of time. If you are interested in some spoilers, continue reading the article. Otherwise, spoiler alert!

In chapter 201, Tanjiro was fighting the final battle against the Demon King Muzan. At some point after taking numerous powerful hits, Tanjiro dies. At that time, Muzan saw the opening to find a new host body for the demon king.

Muzan entered Tanjiro’s body and became the New Demon King.

But Tamayo gave him some medicine while he was unconscious. The medicine started working and he could realize that the demon Muzan is trying to capture her soul. Therefore, he kept on fighting with the evil thing in his own body.

Lastly, when Nezuko kept calling him ‘Onii-chan’ (brother), Tanjiro could finally win the battle against the devil.


At the end of the manga series, Tanjiro died after living a peaceful life. He never had to fight against any demon and never showed any symptom of being a demon himself. I guess you have got the answers to your question- does Tanjiro become a demon?

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