Have you finished watching the fourth installment of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? Well, I finished watching the series yesterday and a lot of questions are gathering in my mind. One of them is: Does Sarada like Boruto?

To be honest, there can be a lot of times when you will feel like Sarada and Boruto both have mutual feelings for each other. And as they know each other from their childhood and are teenagers right now at the ongoing arcs, it is not impossible for them to fall in love with each other.

About Their Relationship:

Sarada and Boruto have grown up together since their parents work together. So, they were close to each other from the very beginning. Although whenever someone tried to pin on it that they like each other, they both said they are only friends who are training together.

However, Sarada had shown her affection to Boruto several times. She feels concerned about his actions but shows ignorance and annoyance. But when Boruto relies on her decision and support in any difficult situation, we definitely saw how Sarada looks out for him.

Sarada believes in Boruto and knows that he would never lie to her or disrespect her. That’s why she helped him when Konoha residents were possessed by a dark shadow at the beginning of the series. Moreover, she even forced him to take the leadership role at the Karigakure field trip.

This shows her support for him so that he learns how to lead a team. Although she herself wants to lead the whole village, she never showed any competitive attitude towards Boruto. Again, they often get flustered if anyone tells them that they would make a good couple.

Will Sarada And Boruto End Up Together?

Now, the series is still publishing the manga. And the anime is not following the manga and producing new arcs independently. Therefore, it is hard to say what will happen with those two.

They both have their own goals to fulfill and neither of them wants to follow their father’s path. They have a long way to go to learn combat techniques in the Ninja Academy and prepare for any worst case scenario. So, it is too early to tell what will happen to them.

But if you follow any anime theory- the male and female protagonists are meant to be together to the very end. So, let’s see what this duo can achieve in their lives together.


I know the answer to your question: Does Sarada like Boruto is still unclear. But most of the fans of the Boruto fan club are shipping them together and praying that no new character is introduced in their life.

If you have watched the series, you may have realized that both their parents want them to follow their life goal at first as they are really young. So, these affection for love may take some time to bloom until they grow up.

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