Have you ever heard about the great “One Punch Man”? If you have, this interesting article is just for you.

You know one question has been raised by almost all of the viewers or manga readers about Saitama and that is- does Saitama have a limit?

In the anime world, among all of the superheroes, Saitama is one the greatest and strongest heroes. But as far as the story goes, his powers really have no limit.

Let me tell you more about his unlimited unique strength and power in this article.

What Is Limiter In OPM?

In OPM world, limiter refers to one kind of barrier which can define how strong or powerful a hero is. The limitation is specifically known as an ultimate point. If one can reach his limiter, he is considered a powerful hero.

How Did Saitama Break His Limiter?

Saitama is the main protagonist of “One Punch Man”. Therefore, it is obvious that he will hold the highest power range among the other characters.

And apparently, he is well known as one of the greatest and powerful warriors or heroes in City Z. 

His strength was like one kind of devotion. And when his disciple Genos questioned him about his strength, he told that he did 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 10 kilometers run each and every day for more than a year. 

Moreover, his diet and heavy training provided him the strength to not only cross his limiter but also break it. Therefore, now Saitama’s power doesn’t have any limitations and he possesses limitless power.

His strength is to the point that his one punch is enough to defeat any monster and he has no boundaries for his physical strength. 

Does Saitama Have Limitless Power?

Well, our hero for fun can punch a meteor to break it in space and can jump from earth to moon in minutes. To finish off any monsters, all he needs is a serious punch

Fighting seems boring to him and he acts modest saying the other heroes did all the work. All he wants to do is to save people. Now, I think you can do the math to calculate his powers. I’m sure you will also say that they are limitless.


“One punch man “ is one of the most-watched animation series ever. The unique storyline, animation, and characters had made this show so much acceptable to anyone. If you haven’t watched this one yet, I am assuring you that this show will be a time-worthy show to make your weekend special.  

To viewers, Saitama is one of the most cherished heroes because of his amazing battle skill and humorous punchlines. I know you are waiting for a new season just like me. Let’s wait for a couple more days and until then, you can always read the manga.

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