No Game No Life is one of the most praised fantasy anime which circles around different games. The series created a massive loyal fan base who are now wondering about the second season of the anime. And even after all these years, they are still asking- Did Sora Die?

The anime aired in 2014 and since then neither the author nor the Studio Madhouse have stated anything about a second season. Lack of source material can be a reason behind this. However, let’s try to reminisce about the first season first and try to find the answer to your question.

Who Is Sora?

In this amazing Isekai anime, Sora is the main male lead character. After his father married again, he was introduced to his step-sister Shiro. But being step-siblings was never a problem for both of them since they both loved playing games. And after a while, these two siblings were called into the gaming world of Disboard.

What Happened To Sora?

Well, since I am about to explain what happened to Sora, this article will contain spoilers. So, proceed with caution.

In episode 8, Sora bet Immanity’s chess piece in return for all of the land of the continent. As the Eastern Federation was making preparations for the game, Sora was waiting for the missing piece needed for victory. But the next day, Shiro realized that everyone had forgotten about Sora.

In Episode 9, Jibril thought that Shiro’s memories had been tampered with Sora’s identity. She decided to arrange a chess game to remove the remaining memories of Sora. But Shiro believed that her memories were real and won the match. This helped her to keep the remaining memories of Sora.

After investigating and brainstorming for a while, Shiro realized that Sora arranged the game of Reverse with Chlammy. In this game, the game’s pieces consisted of the components that make up the identity of the players.

Unfortunately, Sora lost most of the pieces and was nearly erased from existence. But the last three pieces allowed Shiro to remember him. Shiro found the missing pieces in her room and placed them in the invisible board to win the game.

And after winning, Shiro could finally restore Sora’s existence.

Did Sora Die?

Of course, he didn’t. He was only trapped inside of a game. This depicts the value of winning a game in this anime. No winning a game, no life. When Shiro stepped up and won the game for Sora, his existence was restored again.


The Light Novel and Manga of No Game No Life are still being published. So, there is a little possibility that studio Madhouse may try to produce Season 2 in the near future.

We are hoping that Sora and Shiro’s journey doesn’t come to an end just now. So, keep waiting and watch another beautiful anime- Made In Abyss.

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