Devil is a Part-Timer has returned for it’s second season this summer and has blown people’s socks off. The story continues after a big break from the show and it has gotten fans rioting for more. As views are pouring in and people start watching the show the Hype grows larger and larger by the second, so what are you waiting for?

Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Devil is Part-Timer season 2 episode 5 release date

Devil is a Part-Timer is an anime created and produced by the Japanese studio 3Hz and first aired in early 2013. This anime was supposed to be one of the many sessional animes of the time, animes that usually come and get forgotten.

But to the studio’s surprise, the show skyrocketed in the following years earning a popularity spot surpassing a lot of popular anime series such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure an anime so popular that almost everyone and their cat has heard about.

And because of this sudden surge in popularity, the studio behind the creation of the show has chosen to continue the series after nearly a decade.

The anime spots stunning visuals with a beautiful color palette and an interesting storyline pulling in a lot of fans, hence the giant dedicated fan base behind the show.


You’ve probably watched this series, but if not the premise of the show is very simple. The story is about a cast of characters whom because of threats have left the fantasy world to modern day Japan where they work to survive in the modern world.

One of these characters is the main protagonist of the story Sadao Maō, a demon lord who was capable of leading armies of undead souls and conquered much of the fantasy world. Even though he was a demon lord capable of destroying anyone he was threatened to leave the world he so called his.

But Sadao does not travel alone, he is accompanied by his loyal general Ashiya Shirō who has sworn to protect his leader at all costs.

With no magical powers the two demons have to find ways to survive and what else is there to do than enter society as normal people and earn a bit of cash so Sadao gets a job at a fast food joint named MgRonald’s an obvious reference to McDonald’s.

From here the devil and his loyal comrade keep living as people from society by how they meet more powerful beings such as themselves who were also teleported from their world.


The Isekai genre has been overbashed and overplayed in recent years so it would make sense why a lot of anime fans hate the genre.

Though this anime is a must watch for a lot of anime fans even for anime viewers that are not really fans of the isekai genre. So, what are you waiting for?

Go check out the anime and hop on the Hype train for the newest episode that is stated to air on the 11th of August 2022. We’ll be waiting for you there!

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