Demon Slayer was one of the most beloved anime in history. There were several quotes and teachings of some important characters in the anime. But they couldn’t live long to stay with their family.

Tanjiro’s father was one of them. He was the most important person in Tanjiro’s life and he was remembered every time the demon slayer struggled to win against a demon. 

To make you more informed, this article is solely about Demon Slayer Tanjiro’s father.

Who Was Tanjiro’s Father?

Tanjurou Kamado was the head of the kamado household and the father of Tanjiro and his siblings. He was a coal seller in the town when he was healthy. And one of his finest abilities was he practiced the Hinokami Kagura Ritual Dance or the Dance of Fire God from dawn to dusk in the freezing cold.

And that left a demon slayer mark on his forehead.

Was Tanjiro’s Father A Demon Slayer?

No, Tanjiro’s father was never a part of the demon slayer crop. He was a coal burner. Even though he practiced the dance of fire God or sun breathing, he never slaughtered a demon in his whole lifetime. To be exact, he became sick and weak as he grew older and eventually died of illness.

Some fans of this anime thought that in Muzan’s flashback, it was Tanjurou who defeated the demon king. But that was not the case. The flashback was from 300 or 400 years back in the past. Muzan was afraid of the strongest demon slayer of all time- Yoriichii Tsugikuni.

After a long time, Muzan came to know about the Kamado family. And with the scar and Hanafuda earring, he thought that the demon slayer was a part of the Kamado family. He was so afraid So, he slaughtered the whole family except Nezuko and Tanjiro.

Tanjuro’s Abilities:

Tanjuro had access to the transparent world. He could foresee the attack pattern of his opponent.

He was a selfless, kind, and forgiving person. Throughout his life, he never felt any bloodlust or anger against anyone.

Tanjuro’s father taught him the Hinokami Kagura ritual. With his amazing stamina, patience, and endurance, he was one of the best non-demon slayers to perform Sun breathing.


Demon Slayer Tanjiro’s father was a noble person to the very end. He tried to teach Tanjiro everything he was taught by his father. The tradition of giving life lessons to the next generation saved Tanjiro often in the time of battle.

Tanjiro could start to fight again after remembering his father’s advice whenever he was almost defeated. I hope if you pay attention to his words closely, you can relate them in your own life as well.

So, keep watching Demon Slayer Season 2 and stay healthy.

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