Are you a fan of isekai anime? If you are, then Demon Lord Retry is a must-watch for you, because this anime tells the story of transporting you to a fantasy realm full of action.

And for those who have already watched it and are hyped about Demon Lord Retry Season 2, this article is for you. And the good news is that Demon Lord Retry season 3 release date is going to be early 2022.

Here, you will be able to know true facts about the release date of the upcoming season, ratings, and some interesting facts about this anime.

So, let’s begin.

First Release of Demon Lord Retry:

The anime TV series debuted on 4th July 2019. Demon Lord Retry was animated by Studio Ekachi Epilka. Even though transporting to an MMORPG fantasy realm from the real world is not new in the anime world, the new animation studio tried their best to make it exceptional with their artwork.

The 12 episodes were liked by many fans and they are eagerly waiting for the next season to air.

demon lord retry season 2 release date

What Happened In the Previous Season?

Since Maou-Sama, Retry was an isekai anime, the story was based on transporting to another fantasy world. And the person transported was Akira Oono. He was a programmer who created the massively played ‘Infinity Game’.

However, he decided to shut off the game server and focus on his other projects. But when the clock hit midnight, Akira found himself in his own gaming world where he was incarnated as the Demon Lord of the game- Hakuto Kunai. He met Aku after a little while.

Aku was attacked by the demon Greole at the time Akira met her. So, he rescued her from that giant but kept wondering about both of them. Because he never created those characters for his game. He started thinking this might not be his game all along and kept searching for the mystery behind his transportation.

In his journey in the game, Hakuto took Aku as his ally to accompany him. And gradually many avatars joined his team. In this fantasy world, he was the demon lord. So, many people thought that he was the root for all evil doing. But in reality, he was a teenager trapped in the middle-aged demon lord’s body.

After many interesting encounters, Hakuto accidentally met Angel White. He advised her to take care of her kingdom and gave her Angel Holo. However, Angel White kept asking about his real identity and assumed that he might be an angel but had been disguised as a demon. Angel White promised to help him.

At the end of this season, Hakuto started his journey with Yukikaze to the city of Rookie to find out more about the dungeon. But before leaving, he ordered Tahara to kill anyone who tried to attack the village.

Even though it belongs to a harem genre, Hakuto never objectified any women in the series. Sometimes it was hard for him to control himself, but he always succeeded to keep his cool among the ladies of this show and respected them. 

It turned out like Hakuto was responsible to protect them from any harm which is exceptional in this genre of anime.

Will Demon Lord Retry Season 2 Return?

Well, the production studio was busy with their 3rd project. Therefore, they couldn’t renew the second season of Demon Lord Retry and there wasn’t any official announcement as well. But the main reason that ensures the return of the second installment of this series is, Demon Lord Retry Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger.

Hakuto’s journey arc had not ended in the first season, actually, it just started. A new animation studio will not let their second project end improperly. So, Demon Lord Retry will definitely return. Other than this,

Source Material:

The source material of this series was the light novel series. It ended recently with 7 volumes in total. The first season covered only 2 novels. Hence the production studio has more than enough material to animate for the second season.

Social Media Popularity:

Around 5025 likes were given on one Instagram clip of the series.

The show created a massive fan base. They formed different groups on Facebook. In some pages, 2788 people have hit the like button and a lot of people also commented about the second season.

The trailer of the first season was viewed by 64,176 people all over the world on YouTube.


IMDb rated Demon Lord Retry 6.8 out of 10 and according to 171,987 MyAnimeList members ranked this show 5953 while scoring 6.52.

will there be demon lord retry season 2


Who is the Strongest in Demon Lord Retry?

Answer: In season 1, Zero is the most powerful.

Is Demon Lord Retry Cancelled?

Answer: No, the studio never said that the show is canceled.

Who was the guy at the End of Demon Lord Retry?

Answer: The last guy who was wondering at the end scene was Akira Oono.


After the release of Season 1, every fan of DLR is waiting eagerly for the humorous Demon Lord and her avatars. Taking the pandemic situation into consideration, Demon Lord Retry Season 2 might air in early 2022. Now, all we can do is wait patiently for the next season and maintain good health.

And until season 2 comes out, read Konosuba Season 3 and Goblin Slayer Season 2 to know some interesting fun facts about these amazing anime.

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