The comic book Daybreak has gained popularity. So it is really easily presumed that drama series based on this comic will get popularity. And obviously, it got huge popularity that even the director couldn’t expect.

Now, what about the Daybreak season 2? Will season 2 come? Well, to get all of these answers, we have come with detail.

And keeping your interest in mind, we have come with this article. Let’s dive in and get your answer!   

What Is The Story Of Daybreak?

you probably know the story of this drama series if you watched it . But if you forgot its story, then let me help to remind you.

Well, it is the original post-apocalyptic drama, actually a comedy-drama on Netflix. Basically, Daybreak is based on the series of the comic book with the same name written by Brian Ralph who is an American cartoonist.

If you read any comic series and watch the TV series based on the comic book, then you may find them parallel. 

But in the case of Daybreak, you will notice that the tone is totally different.

If you read the comic series of Daybreak and then watch the TV series, then you will see that the comic series is so interesting and excellent, on the other hand, it is far darker in comparison with the TV series.

If you haven’t watched it or read the book yet, then read the comic series and watch the TV series of Daybreak. You will enjoy it.

Daybreak Season 2

Is It Worth Watching Daybreak?

Well, I have watched this TV series and according to my opinion, it is worth watching the TV series Daybreak.

This TV series is quite different depending on the characters they follow. It does a really good job of character building as well as the world.

Overlooking the fourth wall as well as the tone of it reminds me of the greatest sections of Zombieland in various ways.

You should watch this TV series. You can absorb some valuable culture from this.

What About The Second Season Of Daybreak?

It is really heartbreaking for the fans of Daybreak that Netflix has canceled it after the first season.

According to the official renewal status of Netflix, Daybreak has ended with season 1. The fans have waited a few months for the second season and the wait is over with the saddest and shocking news.

Daybreak Season 2 Release Date: [Update: month20]

Netflix has indeed canceled season 2 of Daybreak but it’s also true that fans didn’t lose their hope.

They still think about the second season of it and wonder what would happen if there is a second season of Daybreak.

In the first season, there are so many twists as well as turning points that you may think about it.

After fruitfully halting Principal Burr, then throwing the nuclear bomb in space, we thought that was the happy ending.

While celebrating the victory, Josh again expressed to Sam his love. But Sam rejected him openly.

In the end, Sam converted to the villain but the fans couldn’t see Sam in action as there is no season 2.

Final words:

We’ve come to the end of the discussion. I have to tell you that Daybreak is really an interesting series.

Do watch it, you will enjoy it. But it may break your hurt at the end because now you know that there is no season coming after this one.

But you can hope for it as you never know what is going to happen.


  1. That sucks! Every series you like they cancel. Maybe we need a different streaming service.

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