If you don’t have any dating experiences, the drama series, Date A Live can be a guidebook for you.

When the fate of your world completely depends on your dating skill, then you must be good at it. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then just start watching this amazing anime.

I guess you have already finished all three seasons and are now waiting for Date A Live Season 4, just like the thousands of fans. I am in your folk!

And the good news is that Date A Live Season 4 Release Date has been scheduled for April 2022.

Yes, that’s right. And so I have come with this article to keep you ahead with some unknown facts of Date A Live.

Here, you will find all the things you need to know about the fourth season.

Let’s dive in.

Date A Live Season 4

The First Release Of Date A Live

Tokyo MX broadcasted the first season of Date A Live on April 6, 2013. The source material for this anime is a series of light novels with the same title, written by Koshi Tachibana. The first season covered 1 – 4 volumes of the light novels.

Anime International Company produced the series and Keitaro Motonaga directed it.

The first, second, and third seasons-in the three seasons, the series had 12, 10, and 12 episodes respectively. 

What Happened In The Previous Seasons?

In Date A Live Season 1, after a devastating earthquake, the center of Eurasia became a ruin. Again 30 years later, Shido and Kotori witnessed the same thing. Shido came to know that there were some spirits who caused these quakes unknowingly.

So, to save the earth, he had to make the spirits fall in love with him, to block the power of the spirits.

Shido joined Ratatoskr and started to have training where Kotori was the commander.

In a series of events, he fought with the Anti Spirit Team (AST), who were against saving the spirits. And eventually came close to making Tohka, a spirit, fall in love with him.

In Date A Live Season 2, Shido continued his mission to date the spirits and seal their power by kissing them in the end. Ellen from the Bandersnatch Unit captured Tohka and tortured her, later Shido rescued Tohka.

Kotori learned that Shido exhibited one of the spirits’ powers. Meanwhile, a new spirit emerged named Diva who was more challenging to win over, as she hated all men. Jessica ordered the AST to abduct Tohka and Shido. In the end, Shido succeeded to seal the power of Diva.

In Date A Live Season 3, a new spirit called Natsumi aka Witch appeared and tried to destroy Shido’s life. Natsumi tried to ruin his reputation in skill by harming the teachers and students in the disguise of Shido. Shido found out about Natsumi’s disguise temporarily before she transformed the spirits into child versions. 

A while after, Natsumi befriended them and agreed to be sealed by Shido. Shido collapsed and generated abnormal spirit power that could create an earthquake more powerful than that which happened 30 years ago. Tohka realized that she was truly in love with him and after she kissed him, Shido regained his normal power.

 Date A Live Season 4

What Is The Storyline For Date A Live Season 4?

The producers have not revealed the storyline yet. Though we can guess what Date A Live Season 4 will focus on. As the previous seasons followed the light novel series up to volume 13, season 4 will continue from volume 14 to the last 5 volumes.

Probably, we will be introduced to the ninth spirit known as Nia Honjou and the tenth spirit known as Mukuro Hoshimiya. And Shido’s adventure to seal their power will be something to dwell on. We can expect to see Kurumi’s return to take Shido’s power also.

Date A Live Season 4 Release Date: [Update: month20]

Here is the good news, Date A Live Season 4 has already been scheduled to premiere in April 2022. Jun Nakagawa will direct it while Geek Toys will be producing the show. The title is already fixed as Date A Live Ⅳ.


This anime is rated 7/10 by IMDb and MyAnimeList.net rated it 7.2/10.


What kind of anime is Date A Live?

Answer: Its genre is Harem romantic comedy science fiction.

Is Shido a spirit?

Answer: No, but he possesses the power to seal the destructive power of the spirits.

Why does Kurumi want Shido?

Answer: She wants to gain the power Shido sealed from the spirits.

Is Kotori Shido’s sister?

Answer: Yes, she is Shido’s foster sister.

Who is Shido in love with?

Answer: Shido is in love with Tohka Yatogami.

Is there a Date A Live movie?

Answer: Yes, the name of the movie is “Mayuri Judgement”.

Where can I see Date A Live?

Answer: You can find it on Crunchyroll and Netflix.


This anime explores the idea of alien-like spirits invading our world and destroying everything in the process. And to save the earth, either the spirits have to be killed or their power has to be sealed. So the protagonist takes a mission to steal the power of the spirits by dating them.

Since it will take some time for Date a Live Season 4 to release, you can keep Harmonquest Season 4 and Akame Ga Kill Season 3 on your watch list. And let’s hope the next season airs sooner than expected.

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