One of the most anticipated animes of this decade is Chainsaw Man. Its excitement was so intense that before any official confirmation of an anime adaptation or a release date, fans were clamouring for one.

The plot is complex and gloomy, featuring many recognizable characters and numerous well-known quotes. The Chainsaw Man will undoubtedly have a profound effect on the anime community in general.

The suspenseful series will debut in October 2022. The fall anime season is expected to be led by Chainsaw Man and the Bleach TYBW arc, which will undoubtedly surpass all other animes. Its popularity was seen at numerous Comicon conventions held around the world as well as in several quick videos and manga panel edits posted on social media.

Newly Released Trailer: 

The trailer, which was made available on August 5, 2022, on official MAPPPA YouTube channels and several other websites, was a huge hit within the anime world. When the long-awaited anime series’ graphics finally arrived, many fans were ecstatic.

The graphics in the trailer met MAPPA’s requirements for high quality, and the details were crisp and sharp. The anime’s primary cast is almost entirely shown in the trailer, including “Mama Makima” the major waifu character of the Chainsaw Man, as well as scenes from earlier in the series’ development.  

The audience is introduced to a tortured and melancholy Denji, the always adorable Pochita, Power, Makima, and Aki Hayakawa.

The soundtrack in the background received praise for tying in with the series’ overall theme and presenting explicit blood and gore sequences without any form of censorship. All viewers of the trailer were treated to an appealing and captivating experience by the background music and Makima’s calm voice.

Background Of Chainsaw Man

2018 saw the release of Chainsaw Man, which immediately drew interest from people all across the world. Readers were enthralled by the violence, bloodshed, and subversions of shonen clichés, and in 2021 the series rose to become the 7th best-selling manga series of the year. Over 13 million copies of the series had been sold globally as of June 2022, and it is anticipated that once the anime adaptation starts, that figure will increase. Even though the first section of the story has ended, Chainsaw Man has become a classic due to its appeal and audience response.

Chainsaw Man won the Best Shōnen Manga award at the 66th Shogakukan Manga Awards and the 27th at Manga Barcelona, as well as Best Manga at the Harvey Awards in 2021.
After the confirmation of the anime release date in October and the news of the second instalment of the manga series with the exposure of other devils, the series is likely to continue earning money because it is still the favourite of all viewers who enjoy a lot of gore and bloodshed in both movies and anime.

If we give a little storyline of the series for jogging up the memory, The main character of the Chainsaw Man anime is Denji, a young Devil Hunter who, after dying, makes a deal with the gods of the underworld, meaning the devil, to come back as Chainsaw Man. Denji gains the ability to pull a cord in his chest, transforming into a devil with chainsaws for hands (and another for a head), and is assured to nearly never use them for gardening or logging duties. This gives him a new thirst for life and gives him the motivation to pursue retribution.

Release Date And Official News

Chainsaw Man won’t be released until October of this year, however, there is currently no fixed date for that release. As it was made clear that the series will not be a part of the summer anime seasons, there are rumors that it will begin airing in the second or third week of the month.

Although many people continue to watch anime on illegal websites, it has also been revealed that it will be distributed on Crunchyroll.” With dark humour, dynamic characters and a sharp story, Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated new series this year, and we are wickedly excited to bring it to fans on the Crunchyroll service,” said Asa Suehira, Chief Content Officer at Crunchyroll. “Anime fans will be up all night thinking about the spectacular visuals and high-octane action.”

Which probably meant that the blood and gore wouldn’t be edited out and that fans would be able to watch the show in its entirety. Even though it’s rife with horrific violence, Fans of the show will quickly learn that the story that lay dormant beyond the nonstop action is a bittersweet one where the series’ true strength is highlighted. Many people who read manga attested to this idea. The interesting story will keep all on edges of their seats.

The extent to which season 1 will cover the manga and how many episodes the viewers will get to watch are other things that are partially confirmed. The estimated twenty-four episodes of Chainsaw Man will be split into two sections. As a result, studio MAPPA has plenty of time to cover the first 52 chapters and bring the Bomb Devil Arc to a close.

In short, we can say that the trailer has shown us a spec of a great masterpiece which will be known as the Chainsaw Man and that for good or bad will remain in the anime community’s mind for a long time.


Is it just blood and gore?
Answer: The answer to this question is simply No, while the series is displaying many explicitly violent scenes, it is not just blood and gore. It contains a very deep bittersweet story with many different perspective and will be very delightful to watch.

Is Makima A Villian?

Answer: I hate to say it, by Yes. Makima is a major Protagonist turned Villain of the Chainsaw Man Series, and might even be the final boss. Her actions in chapter 81-82 portray how exactly villainous her character really is. Fans even compared her to the likes of Sosuke Aizen.


Well, that was all for this article. To sum it up once again, Chainsaw Man is expected to hit the small screens somewhere in October 2022. The exact release date is yet to be released. But the hype around it is unfathomable. And to add to that, this new trailer just blew the standards set by MAPPA right out the window. With that said, I’ll see you in the next one!

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