Do you know what the most asked question about The One Punch Man– Saitama is? In my opinion, it must be, can Saitama fly? I know it is obvious for the viewers to assume that he can fly but according to many internet theories that might not be the case.

Since he doesn’t have any wings, you can say that he can only jump unbelievably higher than any normal human being. But Superman also doesn’t have wings and wears a cape-like Saitama. Therefore, we cannot actually deny that he can fly as Superman does.

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Saitama Flying Scene:

To be honest, while watching the show, I never found any proof that his action says that he is flying. In many fights, he was up against gigantic creatures that were greater than him in both sizes and shapes. But he fought them pretty much effortlessly and finished them off with the iconic punch.

However, in the fight between Boros and Saitama, Saitama did actually jump from earth to the moon using the reverse force of his punch. He wasn’t flying. And most of the time, he was moving sideways or forward-backward.

What Makes People Think Saitama Can Fly?

Saitama has achieved some superhuman extreme level of abilities. They are Durability, Strength, and Speed. Whether his training provided him with the abilities or some unknown third party divine force, Saitama did avail all these powers to him even being a normal young adult.

His speed and strength provide him with control while being in the air. During fights, he speedily moves from one place to another and is in total control of his momentum. Thus ‘flex’, ‘flight’ or double jumping technique actually seems like flying to the viewers.

When Saitama was thrown to the moon, he kicked off and propelled himself to come back to earth. Since he doesn’t have any psychic powers or air manipulation powers, we can conclude that he cannot fly but can jump really high.

Can Saitama Fly

How Fast Is Saitama?

Just like his incredible punching abilities, Saitama’s speed is also over the top. According to unofficial sources, Saitama can speed up to 159,236 mph. And they also mentioned that it might not be the top speed of Saitama and he can run faster than this.


Now, you can assume that his fast running may seem like flying to normal people. But he never mentioned anything to even Genos that he could fly. We know that he tells his every story to Genos and with the cyborg’s eyes, Genos also observes him closely.

If Saitama would fly, Genos would have also wanted to fly like him. But instead, Genos wants to be strong like him and try to observe his combat skill.

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