Among all the anime’s superheroes out there, Saitama was my most favorite hero of all time. If you have a similar feeling for him just like me, I’m sure you would have also thought one question while watching the show- ‘can Saitama die?’

Well, heating arguments among the fans in different forums have been circulating since the beginning. However, no one could actually answer this question correctly. But if we analyze Saitama’s characteristics, I’m sure we can find the answer.

So, let’s get started.

Is Saitama Immortal?

No, he isn’t. There was never any mention that he is immortal or breaking his limiter gave him the power to be one. Often he proved that he lived his life like any other normal human being as he needs oxygen, food, and water to survive.

While watching the show, it is normal for you to assume that Saitama might be an immortal being because no one can actually harm him or defeat him. But that isn’t always the case.

If you follow the manga, you will see that Saitama also can be harmed. In the fights against Beast King, Boros, or Elder Centipede, Saitama did fight with all his might. It was hard to beat the three of them and Saitama had to use his serious punch. Because they were too strong to be finished off with a mere normal punch.

Therefore, if there was a strong competitor in front of him, the fight might be difficult for him and he could take a serious hit.

How Can Saitama Die?

We have already seen Saitama in various life-threatening situations. For example, while destroying the comet or in the lava pool or in outer space holding his breath. Saitama could survive all these situations because he trained his body in such a manner that the lava pool seemed like a hot tub to him.

However, since he is not immortal, you can easily say that Saitama can die when he is aged enough. But his hair isn’t growing again like normal people. So, he doesn’t produce dead cells anymore. So, he is not aging as normal people do.

Again, any serious disease can harm him most probably, if you don’t possess a ‘Death Note’ that is unlikely to happen. Basically, in ‘One Punch Man’ world, nothing seems to lead him to a normal death.


In the manga and in the anime, Saitama did take hits from the enemies numerous times but he managed to fight back. Since he can take a hit, you can say that he can be killed as well.

It is true that he is invincible, the most powerful and strong person and his punch can suck the life out of any monster.

But to know what can kill him, we need to wait till the finishing line of this series. Although I don’t want him to die and live among us as long as possible.

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