This summer we’ve been blessed with a new vampire romance anime, Call of the Night an anime that shows true passion and love between a vampire and a teenager with the inclusion of a massive production and stunning visuals. So, it would make sense to hype the newest episode of this anime series, but when does it release?

Stick around to find out!

Call of the Night Episode 6 Release Date

Call of the Night is one of the many animes released this pretty eventful summer. Call of the Night is created and produced by Liden Films studio and has many talented artists working on it.

Thanks to this the anime is jam-packed with a lot of great scenery with an amazing color palette that is both eye-catching and not too distracting. The anime also has somewhat of a distinctive art style with a lot of passion and attention to detail done in the character design.

The anime has seen great success in its short life, pulling in a ton of viewers and amazing reviews and it has a dedicated fan base to go with the sudden success of the show.


The premise of the show revolves around the life of one Kou Yamori, a teenager who lacks a lot of basic social skills and has a tough time finding friends.

But the teenager’s life suddenly takes a shift when he meets the main love interest in the series Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire with a lust for blood but a warm heart.

In the first moments of meeting him, Nazuna bites Kou in hopes to turn him into a vampire but isn’t able to since they don’t really have a strong bond that ties them together. After this, the story evolves into the characters trying to fall in love.

Their bond grows stronger while they learn more about each other until hopefully, they fall in love.

Episode 5 Recap

In Episode 5 we learn more about the life of Nazuna. Things like what she does on a day to day basis, real slice of life content. Things like what she does in her spare time, problems she has and later on about her job which she has not told Kou about.

We then find out that Nazuna is losing interest in doing everything she did normally prior to meeting Kou since she wants to spend more time with him, a normal love trait but a good one nevertheless.

Nazuna then goes outside and tries to collect her mail which to her surprise has been sent back to the post office since no one was home to pick up the package. After this Nazuna starts wandering the streets aimlessly when she finds a stray cat under a bench.

Nazuna starts playing with the feline and notices that the cat is really dirty so she goes to a public bathhouse in order to clean herself up.

After this she runs into Kou with whom she has her typical interaction, sucking his blood where she reads Kou’s feelings telling him that his blood is rushing from their interaction. After this Nazuna takes Kou to her apartment where she gives  Kou a test run of her cuddling business.

A business in which people come to Nazuna to order her services, she complies gives massages and cuddles with her clients until they fall asleep after which she drains a little bit of blood from her clients. This type of business bugs Kou but he still accepts Nazuna’s free service.

While Nazuna tries to suck blood from Kou her doorbell starts ringing, a client has propped up in front of her door which she declines because she feels very tired. After this Nazuna promises to kiss Kou and the episode ends there.


This Episode has left us with a lot of new character development and opens up the question of where do we go from here and what else are we going to learn.

All this will be answered in the next episode. After reading the recap you are probably looking for more content from the show, well fear not since the newest episode(Episode 6) will be released on the 11th of August 2022.

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