What if carnivores and herbivores lived conjointly in a socialized society? It feels unreal that they would live under the same roof without tearing each other apart. In Beasters this impossible thing became a possibility.

At Cherryton Academy, they try to live peacefully while suppressing their natural instinct to be human. But one day an alpaca gets killed and tension between the opposite group rises. 

To know what really happened in this unrealistic world, you have to watch this famous anime. Who already watched the first two seasons and are now waiting for Beasters Season 3, you are in the right place!

That;s because we’ve come with some core information that will let you know whether the 3rd will really come or not. 

So, let’s begin.

The First Release of Beasters

The Beasters Season 1 premiered on 10 October 2019 on the channel Fuji TV (+Ultra). Studio Orange adapted the original manga into this anime. Shin’ichi Matsumi directed the whole series and the music was composed by Satoru Kosaki.

The animation series is adapted from Paru Itagaki’s manga series Beasters.

Beasters Season 3 Release Date

What Happened in Beasters Season 1 and 2?

Beasters Season 1

The story begins with the murder of an alpaca named Tem by a carnivore. The tension between the two groups became so dense after this. Tom’s friends tried to keep practicing their play by the school’s Drama Club. 

During the play, Louis, a red deer, injured his leg but kept practicing and performed as the lead in play. Legoshi, a grey wolf, found himself drawn to a dwarf rabbit named Haru. But he ended up attacking her because of his carnivorous instinct.

The Cherryton community became stunned by another vicious murder of a herbivore. Legoshi saved a young wolf-girl, Juno, from being bullied. Later he found out that Louis also had feelings for Haru. Haru got kidnapped by a Lion gang and Legoshi went to save her.

Louis saved Legoshi from the gang while Legoshi was trying to save Haru. Legoshi confessed his love to Haru who already liked him. He decided to take time to overcome his natural instinct and wait for Haru.

Beasters Season 2

Louis left the Drama Club and became the new leader of the Shishigumi gang. The council decided that the next Beaster would be the one who solved Tem’s murder. A handsome playboy Pina became the new member of the Drama Club. The rumor of his relationship with Haru made Legoshi frustrated.

Legoshi devoted himself to finding out the murderer and began training under Gohin to overcome his predacious instincts. He cut off his fur to disguise himself. Tem’s murderer attacked him though he didn’t get to see his face but found a clue.

Riz, a brown bear, was found to be the murderer of Tem who didn’t kill Tem intentionally. Legoshi and Riz fought and Pina tried to calm them down. Legoshi and Riz were both taken to jail and Legoshi was released after a while.

What Will Happen in Beasters Season 3?

The anime followed the storyline of the original manga series. So, it is expected that the next season will also adapt the manga from where it was left off at the end of season 2. There were only about 100 chapters covered in the first two seasons, for a total of 196 chapters.

Beasters Season 3 will most likely explore the “Interspecies Relationship Arc” in the beginning. Other notable characters will be seen in action like Melon or Merino. Legoshi will have to leave the college as he ate the flesh of a herbivore illegally. 

Beasters Season 3 Release Date: [Update: month20]

As the second season just aired recently, it will stream on Netflix on 14 July 2021. The release date of Beasters Season 3 is not announced yet.

It is expected to be declared after finishing the second season’s streaming. You can expect Beasters Season 3 in early or middle 2022, hopefully.

Social Media Popularity

8,582 people like the Beasters Facebook official page and 11,399 people follow the page regularly.

There are 272K posts on Instagram hashtagging about this amazing anime.

On YouTube, Beasters Season 2 Trailer got 4,049,201 views. As the popularity of this anime is very high, the possibility of Beasters Season 3 is also high.


Beasters is rated 7.8/10 by IMDb and 8/10 by MyAnimeList.


Beasters has won the Best Opening by Crunchyroll Anime Awards for “Wild Side” and it has 7 other nominations in different sections.

Beasters Season 3 Legosi Beastars


Who killed Tem, the alpaca, in Beasters?

Answer: Riz, the brown bear killed Tem.

Are there humans in Beasters?

Answer: No, there is no human in this anime.

Why did Legoshi turn white?

Answer: When he thought he killed Haru by accident after assuming tomato sauce as blood, the shock turned his fur white.

Final Words

The anime portrayed the opposite side of every character super explicitly. It reminded us of our society where we try so hard to meet the expectations of others forgetting who we truly are.

And about Beasters Season 3, there is no need to feel sad as the popularity of this show is very good. There will be the next season, we can hope for this at least.

And by the time season 3 comes we are hoping that Prison School Season 2 and Demon Lord Season 2 will be released as well.

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