Nowadays, crime-based series are getting lots of attention from people. People are loving these series. And, it is quite obvious, as these series are full of excitement, actions, and drama. 

Now, if you are a crazy fan of crime-based drama series, you probably are upset now, as the ongoing pandemic causes postponed the release of lots of series. Some of you may be waiting for Snowfall Season 4. But is really glad that despite the pandemic situation, Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date was 11 July 2021. 

Well, if you never heard the name of Animal kingdom, here I am going to introduce you to this amazing crime drama. In this article, you will find all the important information regarding Animal kingdom.

Let’s start exploring. 

The First Release Of Animal Kingdom:

It’s an American crime-drama series based on an Australian film of the same title. And the story features a young boy who moved in with his estranged grandmother after his mother’s death.

His grandmother is a marked criminal, and the entire family is criminal. Soon, the boy got involved deeply with the family and their illegal activities. The show first aired on June 14, 2016, on TNT. 

will there be 5th season of animal kingdom

What’s So Special About Animal Kingdom?

Well, the criminal family, the Cody’s, are very good at doing a heist. The great thing about their heist is the way they plan those. They plan the heist very smartly and analyze every single detail before going for it. But the most amazing thing is the realism of the show when it comes to the heist. 

They do everything to make sure not to get caught. Baz plans every heist, and the Smurf executes the plan. And she does it in a very smart way. 

How Many Seasons Of Animal Kingdom?

Ever since the release of its first season, it has gained a lot of popularity, which led to the production of three more seasons of Animal Kingdom. And so far, four seasons of Animal Kingdom have been released.

Only the first season had ten episodes. But the rest of the three seasons had 13 episodes each. TNT aired the last episode of Animal Kingdom on August 20, 2019. 

  • Season 1:  July 14,2016- August 9.2016
  • Season 2: May 30,2017- August 29, 2017
  • Season 3: May 29, 2018- August 21,2018 
  • Season 4: May 28, 2019- August 20, 2019 
  • Season 5: July11- October 3, 2021

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date: [Update: month20]

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Be Released date

After the end of last season in August 2019, the fans were very excited for the next season. The TNT authority also renewed the fifth season of the series as well.

Animal Kingdom season 5 was released on July 11, 2021. However, the ongoing pandemic paused its release a few months. And we have come to know that the sequel of this amazing series is impossible to release this year. However, we are expecting a big announcement of Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date this year, 2022.

What Happened In The Last Season Of Animal Kingdom?

Well, the last season of Animal Kingdom was a bit shocking for its fans. The queen and leader of the group, Smurf died. She was diagnosed with late-phase cancer, and she wanted to die. So she planned a suicide mission for herself.  Later, J Shot led her to death at her request. 

Smurf was the one who led the family and all of the heists. So it will be tough for the fans to imagine Animal Kingdom without her.

Last season also showed that Cody’s boys are so lost with her absence. However, the last episode also dropped a hints that Cody’s boys will come back strongly in the new season. 

Now, it’s time to see how Cody’s boys handle the situation. And for that answer, we have to wait for season 5. 

Cast And Characters Of Animal Kingdom:

Characters are something that makes a good show an exceptional show. So, here we are to introduce you to some of the characters of Animal Kingdom.

  1. Janine Cody (Smurf):

Smurf is the leader and boss of Cody’s family. She is very protective of her family. Her smart moves have been the key to successful robberies by Cody’s. The role of Smurf was played by the American actress Ellen Barkin.

  1. Barry Blackwell (Baz):

Baz adopted the son of Smurf and the planner of heists. The role was played by British Canadian actor Scott Speedman. 

  1. Andrew Cody (Pope):

Pope is the oldest son of Cody’s, and Shawn Hatosy played the role. 

  1. Craig Cody:

Craig is the middle son of Cody’s, and Ben Robson played the role. 

  1. Deran Cody:

Deran is the youngest son of Cody’s. The role played by Jake Weary. 

  1. Joshua Cody (J):

Joshua or J is the grandson of Smurf and played the central role in the series. After Smurf’s death, it seems like J would be the next leader of Cody’s family. 

In season 5, it is quite predictable that J would lead the group.  The role was played by Peaky Blinders star Finn Cole. 

  1. Catherine Blackwell:

Catherine is Baz’s girlfriend. Daniella Alonso played the role. 

  1. Nicky Belmont:

At the beginning of the show, Nicky was J’s girlfriend. However, later she betrayed J and got involved with Craig. Molly Gordon played the character.

animal kingdom season 5 release date

Best Episodes Of Animal Kingdom According To IMDB Rating:

Season 1:     

  • Judas Kiss (Episode-9)-  9.1/10
  • What Have You Done (Episode- 10)- 9.2/10

Season 2:

  • You Will Be Gutted (Episode-12)- 8.9/10
  • Cry Havoc (Episode-6)- 9/10
  • Betrayal (Episode- 13)- 9.2/10

Season 3:

  • Wolves (Episode-4)- 8.8/10
  • Jackpot (Episode- 11)-9/10
  • The Hyenas (Episode-13)- 9/10

Season 4:

  • Ambo (Episode-8)-  9.5/10
  • Ghosts (Episode-12)- 9.6/10

Where Can I Watch?

You can watch it on-

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Bravo (Canada)
  • GMA News TV (Philippines from 2021) 


Winner of 

  • ReFrame Awards, 2018

Nominated for-

  • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, 2017 and 2018
  • Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA, 2017


As I mentioned earlier, the show is very popular; the IMDb ratings further proved the same thing. It has received a rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb. In Rotten Tomatoes, Animal Kingdom scored 93%. 

  • IMDb- 8.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes- 93%

Social Media Popularity:

Facebook: In this largest social site, it has a total of 501k followers. 

Instagram: In Instagram, the show has a total of 185k followers. 

Is Animal Kingdom Worth to Watch?

I would say it’s not only a good show, but it’s a great show. It has a lot of smart, diverse, and exciting characters. So, start watching it if you haven’t yet. 

Final Words:

In conclusion, I would highly recommend watching the show. The incredible characters of the show will surely amuse you.  And those of you, who are done with season 4 and waiting for Animal Kingdom season 5, don’t be upset. 

Perhaps, you guys can watch the sitcom Letterkenny, which has the latest season, Letterkenny Season 9. I am sure that show will make you smile for sure. 

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