What would you do if you had to survive in the deepest part of the forest alone? Although the challenge will award you with a large sum of money, will you agree to survive all the difficulties without any help?

Well, take a breath, you don’t have to do that. But if you want to imagine such a situation, then add ‘Alone’ to your watchlist. It is the best reality show for the past few years.

After successfully airing the show for 5 seasons, Alone Season 6 has returned again. So, start watching the show as soon as possible. And stay with me to know some amusing facts about this show.

Let’s get started.

What Kind Of Show Alone Is? 

Alone is an American National Television reality show. It’s an ongoing show. This show has released eight seasons till now. Every episode of every season is fascinating to watch. 

Every season has shown survival techniques of 10 participants. They are to survive in an unknown and distant place with a very small amount of survival materials. And the last man standing against all these difficulties wins the show.

The winner receives an award of $5,000,000. Now let me tell you more about this show.


This is a reality show full of suspense, adventure, thrill, and survival challenge.

First Release Of Alone:

The show premiered on 15 June 2015. The first season of this show was aired on the History channel as a distributing partner. The production house was Leftfield pictures. 

The OTT partner of this show was Amazon Prime. The duration of each episode is 60-90 minutes. 

What Happened in The Previous Seasons?

The debut season of this show was filmed in Quatsino Territory near British Columbia. The aim of the Alone Season 1 was to show the world whether a person can or cannot survive in hostile situations fighting against nature. 

Without any camera crews, any help from the internet, or the modern-day equipment, the participants tested their abilities in the wilderness.

Even though the medical team was present nearby, the contestants had to survive on their own and even had to film themselves. The first season was won by Alan Kay who stayed for 50 days alone struggling in the snow and storm. 

After the huge success of the first season, the Alone Season 2 was announced in the same year. The most attractive part of this show was every season was filmed in different wonderful places. The second and fourth seasons were filmed in Vancouver Island. 

Therefore, along with the excitement, you can also enjoy the beautiful sceneries of distant natural resources. The Alone Season 3 was filmed in Patagonia, which is a fantastic place in Argentina. This season was full of adventure. 

The Alone Season 4 was filmed in North Vancouver, which premiered in 2017. The Alone Season 5 was filmed in Northern Mongolia, which aired in 2018. In this season some participants re-entered in the show, who lost last time.  

Release Date Of Alone Season 6 

If you have already watched the previous seasons, you know how mesmerizing and addicting the show is. And you will be glad to know that the show has aired the sixth installment in 2019.

What Happened In Season 6?

This time, all of the contestants were aged between 31 to 55. This season was  shot in the Northwest Territories. A total of 11 episodes were aired in this season.  

Among all of the episodes, 7(Night Rider) and episode 11(Fire and Ice) were  very interesting. Contestants had to fight against icy-covered environments in the wildlife such as moose, muskox, bears, porcupines, and so on, which was really beyond tolerance. 

Forms, Rules, and Regulations Of This Show

The main point of this show is, every participant is to live in a remote area with limited livelihood equipment. After completion of each task, one item of living equipment is added for their survival.

This show always starts at the end of autumn and ends in winter. So, it becomes tougher to arrange food in difficult weather. And when they fail, they can always Tap Out. Finally, the survivors are rewarded with a grand celebration which they really deserve. 

Is this show worth watching? 

Yes, definitely it is. Each and every episode of each season is just all about suspense. It will be very difficult to make assumptions about what will be happening next. This show is the best option for spending the weekend with a more exciting experience. 


From IMDB, this popular show was rated 8.5 out of 10. It is also said that season 6 is one of the best seasons among all of the others. 


Who Was The Winner Of This Show?

Answer: Jordan Jonas was the winner of the sixth season.

In How Many Days Jonas Won The Show?

Answer: After surviving 77 days Jonas won the show. 

Who Taped Out First In Season 6?

Answer: Tim Backus first tapped out from the season due to injury after surviving 4 days.


Since we live in a busy world, not all of us have the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness. Therefore, Alone Season 6 is a great chance for the viewers to enjoy all the excitement. So, hurry up and start watching the episode with a bucket full of popcorn.

And after finishing this show, try to watch Dollface Season 2 or Grey’s Anatomy Season 18.

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