What was the one thing you wanted to see eagerly in the past seasons of Overlord? Well, for me it was the guild masters’ true form. From the beginning, like millions of fans, I also wondered what Ainz Ooal Gown’s human face would look like.

However, it was never actually revealed clearly because, from the debut, he was in skeletal form. But I will try to let you know my findings of Ainz’s true human form.

Who Is Ainz In The Human World?

Ainz Ooal Gown aka Momonga wasn’t always a part of the game. He was a real person in the human world in the year 2138. His name was Suzuki Satoru.

He was a school dropout and an unsocial person. And used to work intensely from dawn to dusk to earn his livelihood. However, in his seemingly boring life, he only had one form to escape from his sufferings- The world of YGGDRASIL. This was a massively playing online game that he played with 41 online friends.

How Old Is Ainz As a Human?

In different forums, fans tried to speculate about Ainz Ooals’s human age. But it wasn’t mentioned clearly anywhere in the anime, manga, or Light Novel. However, with his appearance and the way other characters called him, we can assume that his age was from 28 to 30.

Ainz Ooal Gown Human Face

Ainz Ooal Human Face:

Once in the story, he revealed his human face to other characters. But I guess author Kugane Maruyama had so many other stories to tell that he didn’t want to put any effort into the character- Suzuki Satoru.

So, the way other characters saw him as- he had black eyes and black hair.

Furthermore, in the previous season, we saw him entering a room and putting on the helmet to play the game. Although no clear sight of his face had been shown, we could see that he had thin lips, a sharp nose and jawline, and a fair skin tone.

From the side profile, you can say that he might have a really handsome face. And has a plug-like gadget on his neck to plug in the cable and log in to the game.


If you are disappointed that you couldn’t see Ainz Ooal Gown’s human face, don’t be sad. On May 8, 2021 studio Madhouse announced the anime adaptation of Overlord Season 4. Now, all we can do is wait for the next season to come.

Who knows maybe you can witness a whole face reveal this time!

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